Your question: What is the French word for case?

How do you say case in French?


  1. 1. (= situation) cas m. in some cases dans certains cas. in that case dans ce cas. …
  2. 3. ( medical) cas m.
  3. 4. [ of detective] affaire f. to be on the case être sur le cas. …
  4. 5. ( legal case) affaire f ⧫ procès m.
  5. 7. (= box) boîte f. [of wine] caisse f. …
  6. 8. (= holder) étui m.

What does CAS stand for in French?

It means ‘cuilleres a soupe’ or soupspoons. This is approximately equivalent to tablespoons. Charlotte Allen.

What does the French word Minouche mean?

Means “pet cat, kitty” in French slang, used affectionately as a term of endearment and sometimes as a diminutive of Mireille.

Are there cases in French?

Case. Nouns in French are not inflected for any other grammatical categories. (However, personal pronouns are inflected for case and person; see below.)

Is pencil case feminine or masculine in French?

pencil case {noun}

plumier {m} [Belg.]

What is a CAC in French cooking?

English translation:teaspoon (tsp)

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