Your question: What is a French Trombinoscope?

politics, colloquial. official register of French deputies including photographs {noun} trombinoscope.

What is the meaning of Trombinoscope?

noun. [ masculine ] /tʀɔ̃binɔskɔp/ document contenant les photos des membres d’un groupe. employee directory with photos , members directory with photos.

What is a French Plafonnier?

[plafɔnje ] masculine noun. 1. [ de maison] ceiling light.

What is a French postillon?

noun. rider mounted on leading horse.

Is Modiste French?

noun, plural mo·distes [moh-deests; French maw-deest]. Older Use. a female maker of or dealer in women’s fashionable attire.

What does a Postilion ride?

A postilion or postillion is a person who guides a horse-drawn coach or post chaise while mounted on the horse or one of a pair of horses. By contrast, a coachman controls the horses from the vehicle itself.

What does a Modiste do?

A person who makes or sells fashionable women’s clothing, especially dresses or hats.

What is the meaning of Modeste?

French: from the personal name Modeste, a vernacular form of Latin Modestus, from the adjective modestus ‘reserved’, ‘gentle’, ‘virtuous’.

How do you use Modiste in a sentence?

a person who makes fashionable clothes for women: He was the son of fashionable Parisian modistes. There were three of these high-class modistes living in the town.

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