Your question: What are the districts of Paris called?

The City of Paris comprises twenty administrative districts. Parisians call them “arrondissements“.

What are the districts in Paris?


Arrondissement (R for Right Bank, L for Left Bank) Name Density (2017) (inhabitants per km2)
2nd (IIe) R Administratively part of Paris Centre Bourse 17,924
3rd (IIIe) R Administratively part of Paris Centre Temple
4th (IVe) R Administratively part of Paris Centre Hôtel-de-Ville
5th (Ve) L Panthéon 23,477

What do they call the areas in Paris?

The Paris map shows the 20 different neighborhoods which are called arrondissements. In Paris arrondissements are named according to their number, which corresponds to an administrative district. For example, you might live in the 5th arrondissement, which would be written as 5ème (or 5e) in French.

How many districts are there in Paris?

Arrondissements are administrative districts. While the City of Paris contains 20 arrondissements numbered 1 through 20 within its borders, the first four are bundled into a single district called “Paris Centre,” making a total of 17 administrative districts.

What are the quarters in Paris called?

Quarters of Paris

Arrondissement (Districts) Quartiers (Quarters)
1st arrondissement (Called “du Louvre”) 3rd Palais-Royal
4th Place-Vendôme
2nd arrondissement (Called “de la Bourse”) 5th Gaillon
6th Vivienne

What is a district in France?

The 101 French departments are divided into 342 arrondissements, which may be roughly translated into English as districts. The capital of an arrondissement is called a subprefecture. … Arrondissements are further divided into cantons and communes.

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What is the meaning of arrondissements?

Definition of arrondissement

1 : an administrative district of some large French cities. 2 : the largest division of a French department.