Your question: What are the biggest French speaking cities in the world?

What are the top 10 French speaking cities?

Top 10 French-speaking Cities to visit

  1. Paris, France. Paris is instantly recognizable even for first-time visitors, the city’s numerous landmarks are a real treat to the eye.
  2. Quebec City, Canada. …
  3. Lyon, France. …
  4. Geneva, Switzerland. …
  5. Corsica, France. …
  6. Nice, France. …
  7. Brussels, Belgium. …
  8. Montreal, Canada. …

What is the biggest French city in the world?

The 50 largest French cities By Guy Kervella, European Editor

Rank City Population
1 Paris 2,152,000
2 Marseille 808,000
3 Lyon 422,000
4 Toulouse 366,000

Which is the largest French speaking cities outside France?

Kinshasa is the world’s second largest French speaking city, after Paris, and before Montreal and Brussels.

What is the 4th largest French speaking city in the world?

Montreal Is Now Ranked The #4 Largest French Speaking City In The World – MTL Blog.

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Is Montreal the second largest French-speaking city in the world?

Montreal is the second-largest primarily French-speaking city in the developed world, after Paris.

Does Quebec speak French?

The most well-known and solidly French-speaking province is Quebec. 85% of Québécois speak French, and 80% speak it as a first language. But there’s also Acadian French, a language spoken by about 350,000 people, mostly in New Brunswick.

What is the second largest French-speaking country?

The DRC is the second most French-speaking country with an estimated 37 million people, followed by Canada and Cameroon with 10 and 9 million respectively.

What is the largest English speaking city in the world?

Biggest English-Speaking Cities

Population City
21.8 m New York City
17.6 m Los Angeles
14.8 m London
14.2 m Johannesburg

What is the second largest French city?

Situated in the Provence historical province, it is located on the coast of the Gulf of Lion, part of the Mediterranean Sea, near the mouth of the Rhône. Marseille is the second-largest city in France, covering an area of 241 km2 (93 sq mi); it had a population of 870,018 in 2016.

What is the largest French-speaking city in the Western Hemisphere?

Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo has now edged out the City of Lights as the world’s biggest French-speaking city.

Is Montreal a French-speaking city?

French Canadians are the majority population in Montreal, which is often said to be the second largest French-speaking city in the world (after Paris), though the accuracy of that statement is sometimes questioned (principally by those who make the same claim for Kinshasa and Algiers).

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What are the capital cities of 10 French-speaking countries?

They mainly live in the following countries:

  • France – Paris (capital)
  • Belgium – Brussels (capital)
  • Switzerland – Bern (capital)
  • Monaco – Monaco (capital)
  • Luxembourg – Luxembourg (capital)

What is the third largest French-speaking city?

3. Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The French-speaking population in Abidjan is 7,108,647 people, which places it in third place on our list.

What will be the most spoken language in 2050?

A 2014 study by the investment bank Natixis even predicted that French would become the world’s most widely spoken language by 2050. The authors of the study referred to were demographic growth prospects in Africa. “French is also widespread in many smaller countries,” Ammon said.

What three US cities have the largest French-speaking populations?

Lafayette, LA has 44,000 francophones, which is unsurprising, but there are some unexpected finds:

  • 46,000 in the Boston-Cambridge area,
  • 29,000 in in and around Chicago.
  • 47,000 in Los Angeles.
  • 49,000 in the Miami area.
  • 130,000-odd in NYC.
  • 26,000 in Philly.
  • 26,000 in San Francisco.
  • 58,000 in the DC-Arlington area.