Your question: Is Sciences Po taught in French?

In order to recruit the best students from all around the world, Sciences Po offers programmes fully taught in English at the undergraduate and graduate levels. … Students may take intensive French language courses during their studies at Sciences Po, and become multilingual.

What language is Sciences Po taught in?

23 languages are taught on the seven Sciences Po campuses: German, English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French as a Foreign Language (FLE) for non-French speaking students, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and French Sign Language (LSF) as well as languages specific to the Sciences …

What is Science Po in France?

The Paris Institute of Political Studies (French: Institut d’études politiques de Paris), commonly referred to as Sciences Po Paris or just Sciences Po (IPA: [sjɑ̃s po]), is a grande école and grand établissement located in Paris and other cities in France.

How hard is it to get into Sciences Po Paris?

For a French aspirant, it is an extremely difficult process. They must pass an interview and have an impeccable academic record going back many years, and CV, as well as glowing recommendation letters. For international students, it is slightly less stressful.

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What do you study at Sciences Po?

On each of the campuses, undergraduate students are introduced to the disciplines and methods taught at Sciences Po – Economics, History, Humanities, Law, Political Science, and Sociology. Some courses will have links to the regional concentrations offered on each campus.

Can you study in Paris without speaking French?

Yes, you can study in France, without speaking French. Universities in France offers several courses that are taught entirely in English to attract more international students.

Where is Science Po France?

Sciences Po is present today in seven French cities: Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Paris, Poitiers, Reims. These seven campuses are located in cities boasting exceptional historical and cultural heritage.

Is Sciences Po Lille part of Sciences Po?

The two of them are collectively organized by Sciences Po Lille and six other Sciences Po (Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Rennes, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Strasbourg and Toulouse): the “Concours Commun 1ere année” (access to the 1st year of the program).

Is Sciences Po a grande école?

Sciences Po Aix is a Grand Ecole with admission by competitive exam or application, via a demanding selection procedure. It is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, an organisation for France’s most prestigious academic institutions.

Is Sciences Po a public university?

Sciences Po has a dual governance model based on two bodies: the Fondation nationale des sciences politiques (FNSP), a private foundation, and the Institut d’études politiques de Paris (IEP), a public higher education institution.

Is Sciences Po A good uni?

Sciences Po remains a top university in the social sciences in the 2021 QS World University Rankings by subject, keeping its second place worldwide in “Politics & International Studies” for the second year. In this world ranking released on March 3, 2021, Sciences Po is positioned just behind Harvard university.

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Is Science Po hard to get into?

To get admitted to Sciences Po is highly competitive. Go online and read what they expect from international students. If you have the qualifications apply. Some people go to Sciences Po via an exchange program.

What is a good grade at Sciences Po?

Grades at Sciences Po are based upon a 20 point scale. A grade of 16 or higher is considered to be superior work, 14-15 excellent, 12-13 good, 10-11 passing, and 1-9 failing.

Why is Science Po in Paris?

Education at Sciences Po fosters dialogue between the major disciplines of the social sciences – economics, history, political science, law and sociology. It gives students the tools they need to understand the contemporary world.

How can I get admission in Sciences Po?

Applicants must create and submit an application via the Sciences Po admissions website, adhering to deadlines outlined in the admissions calendar. Candidates applying through this admissions pathway have the option of applying to two programmes offered at the Undergraduate College, including dual degree programmes.