Your question: How do you say 12 points in French?

The title refers to the Eurovision Song Contest’s voting procedure, where all voting results are read in both English and French, and where a score of twelve (French: douze) is the highest possible result. If Ireland were to win 12 points, the result would have been read as Irlande douze points (not pointe) in French.

How do you spell points in French?

arithmetic: decimal point (note: many languages use a comma (‘,’) rather than a dot as a decimal point, and hence the translations into these languages reflect this.)


From To Via
• point → lierjointoyer ↔ voegen
• point → pointe ↔ punt
• point → indiquermontrer ↔ wijzen
• point → signaler ↔ deuten

Why do they speak French at Eurovision?

It is done partly in French, mainly because it is a significant part of the legacy of the competition. When the Eurovision Somg Contest started in the 1950’s it was dominated by French speaking countries. Many of the winning entries in especially the 60’s and early 70’s were sung in French.

What is the number Douze in French?

douze Noun. douze, le ~ (m) (douzaine) dozen, the ~ Noun. twelve, the ~ Noun.

What points are given in Eurovision?

The rankings of the televoting and the jury will then, in each of the participating countries, be used to calculate the amount of points awarded, using the well-known and popular “Eurovision system”, with the top-ranked song getting 12 points, the second-highest ranked song 10 points, and the remaining spots, from 8 …

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Can famous singers enter Eurovision?

Usually, the Eurovision participants are chosen out of the most famous artists at that moment of time in their countries, but not throughout the world. One reason for this is that the Eurovision has to have a fair competition.

Why do all Eurovision contestants sing in English?

Nowadays, the participants are free to choose whichever language they want to. It is mainly English because English is the most popular language in the countries involved in Eurovision and this makes it easier to be understood and get the message of your song across to the audience.

Why are most Eurovision songs in English?

Since the abolition of the language rule, the large majority of entries at each year’s contest are now performed in English, given its status as a lingua franca; at the 2017 contest, only four songs did not contain any English lyrics.