You asked: Why does the nurse prefer Paris?

Does the nurse prefer Paris to Romeo?

The Nurse, on the other hand, changes her mind with bewildering rapidity. She seems to support Lady Capulet in her praise of Paris (I. … 5, and yet, at the end of that scene, she much prefers Paris to Romeo ( ‘Romeo’s a dishclout to him’ ) and suggests Juliet should marry Paris (III. 5.213–26).

What does the nurse say about Paris?

The nurse describes Paris as “a man of wax” meaning that he’s as handsome as a statue, and then she enthusiastically agrees with Lady Capulet’s description of him as a “flower.” But to wax means to swell (as in a waxing moon) and to flower means to sprout.

Does Juliet’s nurse like Paris?

The Nurse recognizes that Juliet shows no interest in Paris’ courting and is the only member of the older generation to take Juliet’s feelings into consideration…that is, until she suddenly betrays Juliet’s trust by saying that she should marry Paris.

Does the nurse approve of Paris?

Nurse tries to explain to Juliet that she is better off with Paris, because Paris is a gentleman. … She has raised Juliet from a baby, and since she has no children of her own she looks upon Juliet as her own. Nurse explains to Romeo that she does not approve of him, but Juliet will not be disuaded.

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Does Juliet’s Nurse tell her to marry Paris?

The Nurse tells her she should forget Romeo and marry Paris. 4.2: Juliet comes back from her visit to Friar Laurence, and the Nurse thinks she looks more cheerful. Juliet says she will marry Paris and asks the Nurse to help her figure out what clothes she should wear on her wedding day.

What do Lady Capulet and the Nurse think of Paris?

6. Lady Capulet describes Paris’s face as a precious book of love. Paris is “valiant, a man of wax, a flower.” Lady Capulet and Nurse describe Paris in terms of his physical appearance and his strong character. The cumulative effect is almost overwhelmingly positive.

What is the nurses one wish for Juliet?

What is the nurse’s one wish for Juliet and why? Her wish is to live to see Juliet be married. She wants this because she loves Juliet, and wants to see her be happily married.

What is Juliet’s opinion of Paris?

Juliet admits just how powerful the influence of her parents is when she says of Paris: “I’ll look to like, looking liking move; / But no more deep will I endart mine eye / Than your consent gives strength to make it fly” (1.3.

Does the nurse like Romeo?

The Nurse, like Mercutio, loves to talk at length. She often repeats herself, and her bawdy references to the sexual aspect of love set the idealistic love of Romeo and Juliet apart from the love described by other characters in the play.

Did the nurse breastfeed Juliet?

The Nurse brought Juliet up from childhood, breast-feeding her and caring for her like a mother. In the play, Shakespeare presents the Nurse as Juliet’s surrogate mother – a maternal figure, who truly loves Juliet, wants her to be happy and will do anything for that happiness.

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How does the nurse feel about the marriage with Paris?

The Nurse advises her to go through with the marriage to Paris—he is a better match, she says, and Romeo is as good as dead anyhow. Though disgusted by her nurse’s disloyalty, Juliet pretends to agree, and tells her nurse that she is going to make confession at Friar Lawrence’s.

What is the friar afraid of?

What is the Friar afraid of? He is afraid that Romeo and Juliet are moving too quickly in their love. or love too quickly or passionately because you will burn it out.