You asked: What does Juliet threaten to do if she Cannot avoid marrying Paris?

What does Juliet say she will do if she cannot find a way to avoid marrying Paris? She will kill herself if she cannot find a way to avoid marrying Paris.

What actions does Juliet threaten to take to avoid marrying Paris?

After Paris leaves, Juliet asks Friar Lawrence for help, brandishing a knife and saying that she will kill herself rather than marry Paris.

What does Juliet threaten if she doesn’t get out of the wedding?

If Friar Laurence cannot help her, what does Juliet threaten to do? If Friar Laurence can not help Juliet, she threaten to kill herself. … Friar Laurence thinks that juliet will accept his plans because it is a solution to not marry Paris and to marry Romeo.

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What does Juliet say she will do if the marriage to Paris Cannot be avoided?

Juliet tells Friar Laurence what she will do if the wedding to Paris cannot be avoided. … Juliet tells the Friar that she will kill herself if she has to get married. Highlight lines 68-70. Paraphrase lines 68-76.

What does Juliet threaten to do if she is forced to marry Paris?

Juliet refuses her father’s wishes to marry Paris and decides she will commit suicide rather than betray Romeo. Friar Laurence advises Juliet to pretend to take poison and fake her death, allowing her to escape to Romeo.

Who found Juliet dead in her bedroom?

Capulet sends the Nurse to go wake Juliet. She finds Juliet dead and begins to wail, soon joined by both Lady Capulet and Capulet.

How does Juliet insult Paris without him knowing?

3. How does Juliet insult Paris without him knowing? … She says she loves Friar Lawrence, when Paris prompts her to tell Friar Lawrence how she loves Paris.

What does Juliet threaten to do if her mother does not delay the marriage What is her mother’s response?

If Juliet’s mother does not arrange to delay the marriage, what will Juliet do? Her wedding bed will be her grave. What is Capulet’s reaction to Juliet’s threats? He threatens to disown her if she does not marry Paris.

Does Juliet convince her parents to postpone the wedding?

For all of these reasons, she begs her mother to postpone her marriage to Paris for “a month, a week” (208). … Hence, the reasons Juliet gives to her parents for delaying the marriage to Paris is that she does not feel ready to marry and she does not like Paris; however, the real reason is that she is already married.

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What is Juliet’s plan if Friar Laurence Cannot help her?

A despairing Juliet begs Friar Lawrence’s help in averting a marriage to Paris. If he can’t help her, she has resolved to commit suicide. Friar Lawrence has a solution: she should go along with her father’s plan, but when it’s time to marry Paris, Juliet will take a potion that mimics death.

Why does Juliet not want to marry Paris?

The Friar explains to Romeo that he must leave Verona and never come back. Lord Capulet is sad that Juliet never married Paris because he thinks that it would have made her happy.

What is Juliet’s response when she is told the news that she is to marry Paris lines 116 123 )? How has she changed since Act 1?

She says she would rather marry Romeo. She has changed her feelings for both Paris and Romeo.

How does Juliet convince Friar Laurence that she will do anything to avoid the marriage with Paris lines 76 88?

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Question Answer
What is Juliet’s answer to the Friar in her effort to convince him that she will do anything to avoid the marriage with Paris (lines 76-88)?24 that she would rather kill herself than marry Paris24

Why did Lord Capulet threaten to disown Juliet?

Capulet shows his stubbornness as he is shocked by his daughter’s refusal to marry Paris and therefore threatens to disown her for displeasing him.

What does Lord Capulet threaten to do to Juliet?

Capulet enters the chamber. When he learns of Juliet’s determination to defy him, he becomes enraged and threatens to disown Juliet if she refuses to obey him.

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What is Juliet’s response to marriage?

When Lady Capulet brings up marriage; Juliet’s response was “it is an honor that i dream not of”. I think this means she has not thought about getting married, she does not want to marry.