You asked: Is bureau in French masculine?

‘un bureau’ is a masculine noun in French. Is bureau in french a masculine or a feminine word. In the French language, everything has a gender.

Is bureau Le or LA?

Consider, for example, that bureau and office can have similar meanings, but the former is masculine and the latter feminine; or that the noun personne is feminine but can refer to both men and women.

What is a French bureau?

bureaux plural masculine noun. [d’entreprise] offices ⧫ office.

What is the plural of Le Bureau in French?

[ˈbjʊərəʊ ] Word forms: plural bureaux.

Is Bureau plural or singular?

The plural form of bureau is bureaus or bureaux.

Is Maison masculine or feminine?

Others are always feminine, like une voiture (a car), une maison (a house), and une école (a school).

Is tableaux masculine or feminine?

The word tableau in French is a masculine noun.

Is Porte masculine or feminine in French?

The word for door in French is porte and is a feminine noun.

Is the bureau in French or English?

The difference between those two is whether the noun université is masculine or feminine. This is easy to check in a dictionary. Here for example is the WordReference entry. After the word université it includes the letters nf meaning « nom féminin » or feminine noun.

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What language is the word bureau?

Borrowed from French bureau, from Middle French burel, from Old French burel.

What are the examples of bureau?

The definition of a bureau is a chest of drawers or a government department or an office or agency with a specific purpose. An example of bureau is a typical piece of bedroom furniture. An example of bureau is the FBI. An example of bureau is a travel agency.