You asked: How do I complain about a doctor in France?

The national ombudsman in France is called the Défenseur des Droits. You can either make a complaint to the ombudsman by completing an on-line form, or by simply sending a letter to Saisir le Defenseur des droits. In some areas, it is also possible to arrange an interview with a local official of the ombudsman.

How do I file a complaint in France?

You can also file a direct complaint with France’s citizens’ rights commissioner («Défenseur des droits») either by filling out an online form or by mailing a letter to: Défenseur des droits, 7 rue Saint-Florentin, 75409 Paris Cedex 08.

How do I lay a complaint against a doctor?

How do I send a complaint?

  1. SMS the word “Help” – followed by your name, the nature of your complaint, facility and, if applicable, the name of a staff member to 31022.
  2. Call 0860 142 142 and press “1”.
  3. Send an email to

Is there an ombudsman in France?

The French Ombudsman is a special independent administrative authority, qualified by the law of independent authority, Law of January 3, 1973. … In facts, the ombudsman can be solicited directly; in which case he forwards the complaint to a Member of Parliament, so that the official procedure can be followed.

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Can I change my doctor in France?

You can also bring your own Déclaration de choix du médecin traitant form (S3704) to your doctor’s office on your first visit. … You have the right to change your primary doctor in France at any time for any reason. Of course, you must fill out the form again with your new doctor.

What are my consumer rights in France?

Consumer Rights in France

In France, consumer rights are protected with two regimes covering defects to the items purchased: a Legal Guaranteeand a Commercial Guarantee or Warranty. As its name implies, the first one refers to the law that obligates the seller to offer a guarantee.

Is there a consumer protection agency in France?

The General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraudes, DGCCRF) protects the interests of the consumer in France.

What is medical ombudsman?

om·buds·man. (ombŭdz-măn) In health care, a person who acts for the patient as an advocate or go-between.

Does a doctor have a right to refuse patient?

Physicians do not have unlimited discretion to refuse to accept a person as a new patient. Because much of medicine is involved with federal regulations, physicians cannot refuse to accept a person for ethnic, racial, or religious reasons. … Some physicians will not treat certain individuals or classes of patients.

What does Ombudsman mean in French?

noun. official who investigates complaints. ombudsman → médiateur; ombudsman.

Does Germany have an ombudsman?

Germany. Public sector ombudsmen in Germany exist in four of the sixteen regions. There is a Committee on Petitions at the federal level, as well as Committees on Petitions in each of the sixteen regions.

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How do you call a doctor in France?

When you’re interested in seeing a doctor in France, you call the cabinet medicale to make an appointment. You’ll talk to the secretary who may or may not be in a good mood. Tell her “je voudrais prendre rendez-vous s’il vous plait” (I’d like to make an appointment please). Are you a new client?

Who regulates doctors in France?

The National Order of Doctors is responsible for dealing with complaints against doctors which relate to their conduct and competence, in which case the Disciplinary Chamber of first instance is at the regional level.

Do I need to register with a doctor in France?

If you’re planning on living in France permanently, it’s important that you register with the French health care system as soon as you arrive. You’ll need to obtain a carte vitale and register with a GP (médecin traitant) who will become your regular doctor.