Why did Austria get involved in a war to stop the French Revolution quizlet?

Representation in government. Austria and Prussia wanted France to restore Louis to his position as an absolute monarch, and as a result, the Legislative Assembly declared war.

What did Austria do during the French Revolution?

Austria stationed significant troops on its French border and together with Prussia, issued the Declaration of Pillnitz, which threatened severe consequences should anything happen to King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette.

Why did Austria and Prussia declare war on France quizlet?

Revolutionaries wanted war because they believed that it would unify the country. They had a desire to spread revolutionary ideas across Europe. -Austria called a meeting to reestablish king Louis XVI which led France to declare war on Austria.

What was the conflict between France and Austria?

The Nine Years’ War 1688–1697, often called the War of the Grand Alliance or the War of the League of Augsburg – was a conflict between Louis XIV of France and a European coalition of Austria, the Holy Roman Empire, the Dutch Republic, Spain, England and Savoy.

Why did Prussia and Austria attack France?

July 25: Austria and Prussia threaten to invade France if any harm comes to the Royal Family. … Sans-culotte militants invade and pillage Tuileries, forcing the Legislative Assembly to suspend royal power and place the Royal Family under the “protection” of the National Assembly.

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Why did Austria invade France during the French Revolution?

In 1792, the Austrians sent troops to invade France and threatened to destroy Paris unless Louis XVI, now reduced to a constitutional monarch, was restored to his previous status.

How is Austria connected to the French Revolution?

In April 1792, revolutionary France declared war on Austria. The first war lasted for five years until Austria, abandoned by its allies, was forced to make peace on unfavorable terms. Austria renewed the war against France in 1799 and again in 1805 but was swiftly defeated both times.