Why are there so many empty properties in France?

The housing stock in France is increasing at a faster rate than the population, resulting in a rise in the number of empty properties. One of the main characteristics of the French housing market is the high number of new homes that are constructed each year.

Why are there so many abandoned homes in France?

Indeed, one of the reasons why there are so many vacant homes in France is because of French inheritance laws that divide an estate between the heirs, and a family feud between them prevents any early resolution. It may also be difficult (impossible) to trace one or more of the owners.

Why is there so many empty chateaus in France?

Many of the chateaus have been left to fall apart due to the owners having a lack of funds to repair the beautiful buildings.

Why are there so many houses for sale in France?

France is about 1.5 times bigger than Germany but with a population 20% smaller. In effect, it has a larger rural area with less people to populate it. And as more and more people relocate to cities, more houses are being added to the market—often at bargain prices.

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What happens to abandoned houses in France?

As a basic rule, abandoned property must be looked after by its owner. … For example, the mairie has powers to oblige the owner to carry out appropriate maintenance, and can even, if it comes to that, take ownership of the property if its owner doesn’t comply or is unknown.

Why are there so many cheap chateaus in France?

It’s no secret that one of the reasons why there are so many ‘bargain’ châteaux are the exorbitant renovation costs and the relentless maintenance required. … The upside is that, in some cases, French historical properties can benefit from grants for renovation work, depending on their status.

Why do mansions get abandoned?

Water contamination, air pollution, or other plagues can cause people to leave their homes and commercial property and abandon their properties for good. One example is Flint, Michigan The ongoing water troubles in the city have made it difficult, if not almost impossible, to sell a house.

Why does France have so many chateaus?

As early as during the 9th century, French nobles started territorial fighting for more land domination in this part of France, and thus needed to build fortresses and castles to protect themselves. But most importantly, the One Hundred Years War against England during the 15th century had a major impact.

How long can you live in France without becoming a resident?


You will be resident in France if you live in France for at least six months of the year. This rule does not require that you live in a permanent home you have in France, but that you are merely on French soil for six months of the year.

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Why are there so many chateau in France?

The accident of geography, battles between armies and the patronage of royal families brought fantastic castles into the area of the Loire Valley. …