Who was the famous French governor?

Who was the famous governor of French company in India?

In 1674 the Governor of “La Compagnie française des Indes orientales” (French East India Company) François Martin, set up a trading centre at Pondicherry and this outpost eventually became the chief French settlement in India. Wars were raged among the European companies for their share of trade with India.

Who was the first governor general of French?


No. Name (Birth–Death) Term of office
Time in office
1 Georges Thierry d’Argenlieu (1889–1964) Appointed as the High Commissioner 17 August 1945, but did not enter his position until 2 November. 1 year, 145 days
2 Émile Bollaert (1890–1978) 1 year, 207 days
3 Léon Pignon (1908–1976) 2 years, 54 days

Who was ambitious French governor?

Soon after his arrival in 1741, the most famous governor of French India, Joseph François Dupleix, began to cherish the ambition of a French territorial empire in India in spite of the pronounced uninterested attitude of his distant superiors and of the French government, which didn’t want to provoke the British.

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Who was the French governor of Pondicherry?

Correct Option: D. Joseph Francois Dupleix, the first French governor of Pondicherry, tried to make the French company as powerful as the trading company.

Who was the hero of Arcot?

Hero of Arcot was Robert Clive also known as Clive of India. He was hailed as a hero during the Second Anglo Carnatic Wars (1749-54) when he captured Arcot from combined French Force and Nawab of Arcot forces. War was ended with Treaty of Pondicherry in 1754 which made Mohammad Ali Khan Walajah as Nawab of Arcot.

Who was the first governor-general of India?

Governor-General of India

Viceroy and Governor-General of India
Formation 20 October 1773
First holder Warren Hastings
Final holder Lord Mountbatten (February 1947 – August 1947 as Viceroy of India) Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari (1948–1950 as Governor-general of Dominion of India)
Abolished 26 January 1950

Is French Guiana France?

French Guiana, overseas territorial collectivity of France, situated on the northeastern coast of South America. French Guiana is bounded by Brazil to the south and east, Suriname to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the northeast. The capital is Cayenne.

Who gave the title of Nawab to duplex?

Chanda Sahib was already at Pondicherry. After much ceremony Muzaffar Jang was proclaimed subahdar of the Deccan. Dupleix was given a robe of honour and a jagir worth 1 lakh rupees. He was appointed Nawab of all lands between the river Krishna and Cape Comorin, with Chanda Sahib under him as the Nawab of Arcot.

Who was head of French company?

The head of the French company was Joseph Francois Dupleix, who had the desire to expand the European rule in India.

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Who founded the French factory in India?

-The first French factory was founded by Francois Caron in 1668 in Surat. Later, in 1669, Maracara set up a factory in Masulipatnam. -Francois Martin and Bellanger de Lespinay bought a small village in 1673 from the Muslim governor of Valikondapuram.

Who defeated the French forces?

At Waterloo in Belgium, Napoleon Bonaparte suffers defeat at the hands of the Duke of Wellington, bringing an end to the Napoleonic era of European history. The Corsica-born Napoleon, one of the greatest military strategists in history, rapidly rose in the ranks of the French Revolutionary Army during the late 1790s.

Which governor came to India when Britishers and French were fighting?

In 1741 Dupleix was transferred to Pondicherry as Governor holding sway over the French areas in India. During his governorship Dupleix extended his reign from Hyderabad to Cape Camorin through Carnatic wars.

Who was the first Portuguese governor in India?

Francisco de Almeida, (born c. 1450, Lisbon, Portugal—died March 1, 1510, Table Bay [modern Cape Town, South Africa]), soldier, explorer, and the first viceroy of Portuguese India.

Who ruled Puducherry before 1954?

When the British gained control of the whole of India in the late 1850s, they allowed the French to retain their settlements in the country. Pondicherry, Mahe, Yanam, Karaikal and Chandernagar remained a part of French India until 1954.