What were the rights granted by the Constitution of France in 1791 to their citizens?

What were the rights given to the French citizen by the Constitution of 1791?

The Constitution guarantees as natural and civil rights: 1st, That all citizens are admissible to offices and employments, without other distinction than virtues and talents; 2nd, That all taxes shall be assessed equally upon all citizens, in proportion to their means; 3rd, That similar offences shall be punished with …

What were the main provisions of the French Constitution of 1791 Class 9?

(i) Limit the power of the Monarch. (ii) Powers were separated to different institutions – the Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. (iii) Constitutional monarchy was introduced. (iv) Power to make laws to National Assembly.

What did the French Constitution do in 1791?

Constitution of 1791, French constitution created by the National Assembly during the French Revolution. It retained the monarchy, but sovereignty effectively resided in the Legislative Assembly, which was elected by a system of indirect voting. The constitution lasted less than a year. …

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What rights do French citizens have?

The French people proclaim in the presence of the Supreme Being the following declaration of the rights of man and citizen: … The rights of man in society are liberty, equality, security, property. 2. Liberty consists in the power to do that which does not injure the rights of others.

Who were granted the right to vote in France during the French Revolution?

Answer:men above the age of 25 who paid taxes equal to atleast three days of labour’s wage were given the right to vote and other men and all women were denied the right to vote . Explanation: The people who were allowed to vote were called active citizens and those who did not vote were called passive citizens .

What three words summed up the new France what three freedoms did the rights of Man include?

These rights are liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression. 3.

What are the three main features of the French Constitution of 1791?

1)The monarch was placed under the authority of the government, and France became a Constitutional Monarchy, according to the New Constitution adopted by the National Assembly. 2)The Feudal System was Dismantled. 3)Privileges were taken away from the nobility and clergy.

What are three main features of French Constitution in 1971?

1)The king came under the supervision of the government and France became a Constitutional Monarchy. 2)Feudal System was Abolished. 3)The nobility and clergy were stripped off from their privileges. 4)Power to make laws was vested in the National Assembly.

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What was the five main objective of the draft constitution of 1791?

Explanation: In 1791, the National Assembly completed drafting the Constitution. The main objective of the constitution was to frontier the power of the monarchy. Instead of being concentrated in single hands, these powers were divided to different institutions or bodies such as legislature, judiciary and execution.