What is the plural of students in French?

Noun. étudiant m (plural étudiants, feminine étudiante)

What is the French word for students?

étudiant; élève; écolier; étudiante; pupille; écolière; lycéen; collégien; disciple; stagiaire; mousse; apprentie; apprenti; jeune apprenti; garçon.

Is students in French feminine?

The French translation for “a student (female)” is une étudiante. The French, une étudiante, can be broken down into 2 parts:”a (feminine)” (une) and “student (female)” (étudiante).

What is an étudiant?

student; pupil; schoolboy; schoolgirl.

What is the difference between étudiant and étudiante?

Élève is a broad word, it can mean one that is in middle school, high school or college, or one that learns in a private or public school in general. Étudiant is more specific, it is used to describe one that is in college.

Are UA student in French?

Originally Answered: How do you say “Are you a student?” In French? Vous êtes étudiant(e)? Tu es étudiant(e) ? Es-tu étudiant(e)?

How do you spell avoir?

Avoir is the French verb that means “to have”. But it has so much more than that going for it! For one thing, as you probably know already, avoir is the most common auxiliary (helping) verb in French. It’s used to conjugate most other French verbs in the passé composé and other compound tenses.

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What is sont French?

Basically, sont is meaning “are”, like êtes, but the difference is in the pronoun. Sont will translate as “[they] are”, as the pronoun for “they” in French is ils/elles. Sont can only be used with ils or elles (think basically of a plural “he/she”: that’s the French “they”, which is not gender-neutral).

Is professeur masculine or feminine?

Le professeur (m) (the professor) is always masculine, even when it’s talking about your female professor/teacher! The nouns that express things without an obvious gender (e.g., objects and abstract concepts) have only one form. This form can be masculine or feminine.

What is the plural form of L etudiante?

plural of étudiant. étudiants [pl/m]

Is student feminine or masculine in French?

The word for student in French is étudiant when referring to a male student, and étudiante when referring to a female.

What is étudiant in French?

Translations. étudiante Noun. étudiante, la ~ (f) (écolièreélève) student, the ~ Noun. pupil, the ~ Noun.