What is the plural of le crayon in French?

crayons {masculine plural}

Is crayon in French masculine or feminine?

The word for pencil “crayon” for example is masculine in French, whereas the word television “télévision” is feminine. The best way to know the gender of a noun is to memorize the word with its accompanying article “un”, “une”, “le”, “la”.

What is the plural of UN taille-crayon in French?

[tɑjkʀɛjɔ̃ ] Word forms: taille-crayon, plural taille-crayons.

Is Le taille-crayon masculine or feminine?

taille-crayon {masculine}

Is crayon a French word?

The French word crayon, originally meaning “chalk pencil”, dates to around the 16th century, and is derived from the word craie (chalk) which comes from the Latin word creta (Earth).

What is cassette in English from French?

noun. cassette [noun] a plastic container holding photographic film or magnetic tape.

What is the plural of Manteau?

noun. [ masculine ] /mɑ̃to/ plural manteaux.

What does Livre mean French?

Definition of livre

1 : an old French monetary unit equal to 20 sols. 2 : a coin representing one livre. 3 : the pound of Lebanon and Sudan.

How do you say Gomme in English?

eraser [noun] (especially American) something that erases, especially a piece of india-rubber etc for erasing pencil etc.

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What do we say trousse in English?

A pencil case is a small bag, etc. for holding pencils and pens.

What is a Cahier in English?

a number of sheets of paper or leaves of a book placed together, as for binding. a report of the proceedings of any body: A cahier of the committee was presented to the legislature. … notebook; exercise book; journal.

Is crayon a name?

The Crayon family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1861 and 1920. The most Crayon families were found in the USA in 1880.

How does Crayola pronounce crayon?

According to the crayon experts over at Crayola, the correct way to say the word is krA-on. They cite Webster’s Dictionary, but Merriam Webster says there are at least three different pronunciations: krā-ˌän, krā-ən andˈkran. Crayola does acknowledge that regional and individual dialects will vary.

Is Crayola a real word?

The word “Crayola” was originally thought up by Alice Binney. Binney, a one-time school teacher, combined the French word “craie”, meaning “chalk”, with “ola”, shortened from the French word “oléagineux”, meaning “oily”. … Hence, given the origin of the words, “Crayola crayon” more or less just means “Oily Chalk Pencil”.