What is the opposite of Monter in French?

▲ Opposite of to physically scale something to get to its top. descend. go down. step down.

What is the verb of Monter in French?

VERB: monter (mohn-tay) – to climb

Subject Pronoun Monter Conjugation Translation
tu tu montes You climb
il/elle/on il/elle/on monte He/She/One climbs
nous nous montons We climb
vous vous montez You climb (plural/formal)

How do you conjugate Monter in French?

Conjugate the verb monter:

  1. je monte. tu montes.
  2. il montait. nous sommes montés.
  3. vous monterez.
  4. ils monteraient.

Does Monter take être?

Most verbs use either avoir or être as the auxiliary verb in Le Passé Composé (or other compound tense), but monter uses both, depending on its grammatical usage* and what it means in the sentence. … – The intransitive version (lacking a direct object), uses être.

How do you use Monter in passe compose?

In this French grammar lesson we will learn about monter conjugation in the passe composé. Monter means “to climb” and is an irregular verb. However, it can also be used as “to enter” or “use” a means of transport.

Monter Conjugation in the Passé Composé

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je suis monté – e
ils/elles sont monté – e – s

What is the past tense of Monter?

monter: Conjugation

Present Perfect
Past historic Past anterior
je montai tu montas il/elle monta nous montâmes vous montâtes ils/elles montèrent Pronounce these verb forms j’ eus monté tu eus monté il/elle eut monté nous eûmes monté vous eûtes monté ils/elles eurent monté Pronounce these verb forms

How do you use Monter in French?

Monter in the Compound Past Tense

Begin by conjugating être into the present tense appropriate to the subject, then allow the past participle to indicate that someone has already climbed. For example, “I climbed” is je suis monté and “we climbed” is nous sommes monté.

What is the definition of Monter?

(to) go up, climb, climb up.

Is Parler avoir or être?

To form it for parler, you will use the auxiliary verb avoir along with the past participle parlé.

Is manger avoir or être?

Whether you use avoir or être basically depends on the main verb. In the above examples, manger, like most verbs, uses avoir. But tomber is a special verb that uses être instead.

What is the past participle of Sortir?

Sortir Passé Composé

The passé composé of Sortir is formed by combining the auxiliary verb être with the past participle sorti.

Where do you use avoir and être?

Être and Avoir: The 2 Most Important Verbs in French

For starters, on their own, the verb être means “to be” and the verb avoir means “to have.” These two verbs are used in this simple sense to say things like je suis professeur (I am a teacher) or elle a une tasse (she has a cup).

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