What is TA French?

What means ta in French?

noun abbreviation. (= estimated time of arrival) heure f d’arrivée prévue.

What is French assistant?

[əˈsɪstənt ] 1. (= aid) assistant(e) m/f. (in administration) adjoint(e) m/f.

How do you use Mon Ma Mes?

There are generally three words for my in French: mon, ma and mes.

  1. if the thing/person is masculine (le), then you generally use mon to translate ‘my’;
  2. if the thing/person is feminine (la), then you generally use ma to translate ‘my’;
  3. if the thing/person is plural (les), then you use mes to translate ‘my’.

What does ta mean in Italy?

grazie {interj.} ta (also: thank you, thanks)

How do you say ETA in French?

Heure d’arrivée prévue is the usual translation for “estimated time of arrival”. A simpler one is also arrivée prévue à.

Is assistant feminine in French?

The French translation for “assistant (feminine)” is assistante.

What is the difference between Ma mon and MES?

– In the first case, stylo is masculine, therefore we will use mon. – In the second case, chaussures is plural, therefore we will use mes. – In the last case, voiture is feminine, therefore we will use ma.

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Why is mon Ton and son amie?

Before a vowel or a silent -h

Remember that mon, ton or son are used before a feminine word starting with a vowel or silent -h. This is to help with pronunciation. For example: une amie (feminine singular) → mon amie arrive à dix heures – my friend’s coming at 10 o’clock.

How do you use mon Ton Son?

You use mon, ton and son with feminine singular nouns when the following word begins with a vowel. You also use them with most words beginning with h. Possessive adjectives are not normally used with parts of the body. Use le, la, l’ or les instead.