What is no claims bonus in France?

France operates the no-claims bonus system used in many other countries. No-claims deductions accrue at the rate of 5% a year and it takes 13 years of no-fault driving to obtain a full 50% no-claims bonus.

What is no claims bonus called in France?

It also mentions a Rebate/Surcharge Coefficient («Coefficient de Réduction Majoration» or CRM), more commonly known in France as «bonus» or «malus». This coefficient takes into account your whole track record, including anything that happened prior to the last 5 years.

What is the benefit of no claim bonus?

Benefits of NCB

A no claim bonus allows you to save between 20 to 50% on your insurance premiums depending on the number of years you go without making an insurance claim. A no claim bonus is a reward for the owner for responsible ownership.

Can you transfer no-claims bonus from another country?

Insurance companies are not obligated to accept foreign NCB, and many will refuse due to the different driving laws overseas and the administration required to transfer it across. Fortunately, we don’t refuse it.

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How can I check how many years no-claims I have?

The longer you go without making a claim, the bigger the discount you should be offered. You can keep the discount when you switch to a new insurer, but you’ll have to prove how many years you’ve gone without making a claim. Here’s how to do that.

How long is NCB valid for?

Can your No Claims Bonus expire? The expiry period for an unused no claims bonus is two years after you’ve cancelled your last policy. So if you have taken a break from driving but you don’t want to lose your NCB, you’ll have to take out a new policy within two years to carry on where you left off.

How do I protect my no claims bonus?

Can I protect my no claims discount? A way to safeguard your no claims discount is to pay an additional amount on top of your car insurance to protect it. This means that even if you were to make a claim, your no claims bonus would stay intact.

How do insurance companies check no claims bonus?

Some insurance companies will contact your old insurer directly to ask for your no claims bonus proof, or they might check an insurance database to get it. If they do this, they’ll tell you first.

Is 9 years the maximum no claims bonus?

If you change insurer and you have a claim, your insurer may decide to “step-back” your no-claims bonus. This means they will reduce your no-claims bonus by a set amount of years. For example, you may have had 9 years no-claims, but your new insurer’s maximum is 4 years.

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Can I split my no claims between 2 cars?

Can I split my accumulated NCB across two cars? No. You can only use your exisiting NCB in one policy for one car, but you can build up a separate NCB in another car insurance policy for a second car.

Do you lose your no claims if someone hits you?

‘Do I lose my no claims bonus if someone hits me’, is a common question from people who were not at-fault for a road accident. Unfortunately if you make a claim on your own car insurance policy you will almost certainly lose your no-claims bonus even if the accident was not your fault.

Will I lose my no claims bonus if I cancel my insurance?

You will also lose your no claims discount (NCD) for that year if you cancel your car insurance policy early. Any previous years NCD will remain.

What if I get my no claims bonus wrong?

If the NO claim bonus is found to be more than that of the eligibility, you will receive a letter from the insurance company asking to pay the difference amount immediately to enable the insurance company to pass an endorsement. Now the policyholder has an option to either pay the difference amount or ignore the mail.

Why does no claims bonus expire?

Since a no claims bonus is intended to give an indication of how careful your recent driving has been – if you let it lapse for too long, it will expire. Don’t worry though – you’ve got 2 years before you lose any bonus you’ve built up – but after that, you’ll start from zero again.

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