What is complexion called in French?

Is impasto a French word?

The word impasto is Italian in origin; in which it means “dough” or “mixture”; related to the verb impastare, “to knead”, or “to paste”.

What does the French word peau mean in English?

peau noun. skin, hide, leather, flesh, pelt. See Also in English.

What are the two words for face in French?

1 – The Face – Le Visage in French

le nez – nose.

What is gouache color?

Gouache (pronounced goo-ash or gwahsh – depending on how French you want to sound) is an ‘opaque watercolour’ or ‘body colour’. This basically means that it uses the same pigments and gum arabic binder as watercolour but has white added to it so that it loses the translucency of watercolour.

What is thick paint called?

Impasto is a painting technique that uses thick layers of paint. When you apply the paint thickly, it produces an incredibly beautiful effect on the canvas.

What is face in English from French?

1. [of person] visage m ⧫ figure f.

Is leg feminine in French?

The Rules for the Gender of French Nouns: Why your Arm is Masculine but your Leg is Feminine and other Mysteries of the French Language.

What is mobile in French?

1. (= portable) [téléphone, téléphonie] mobile.

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