What gender is Apple in French?

The gender of pomme is feminine. E.g. la pomme.

Is Apple masculine or feminine in French?

The word fruit in French is a masculine noun, and uses masculine articles with it. For example, the sentence ‘An apple is a fruit’ is Une pomme est un…

What fruits are feminine in French?

Nouns in red are feminine, nouns in blue are masculine.

  • la pomme. apple.
  • l’abricot. apricot.
  • la banane. banana.
  • la cerise. cherry.
  • le noix de coco. coconut.
  • le fruit. fruit.
  • le raisin. grape.
  • le pamplemousse. grapefruit.

What fruit is masculine in French?

l’orange (loh-rahnzh) / orange, feminine noun. le pamplemousse (lö pahn-plö-MOOS) / grapefruit, masculine noun.

What do the French call apples?

French: Pommes de terre

As mentioned above, pommes is derived from the Latin word pomum, which refers to any fruit from a tree, and Old French had various other distinct fruits referred to as pommes. The Catalunyan language Catalán, which also calls an apple a pome, calls a potato a patata, as it does in Spanish.

Is Stylo masculine or feminine?

The word for pen in French is stylo. Stylo is a masculine noun, so if you wanted to say ‘the pen,’ for example, you would use the masculine definite…

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Why is pizza feminine?

Gender in French is etymological. Pizza is feminine because it is in Italian, and also, we “feel” that.

Is Pear feminine in French?

The gender of poire is feminine. E.g. la poire.

Is melon in French masculine or feminine?

melon [le ~] noun.

Is legume feminine or masculine?

Borrowed from Latin legūmen (cf. older form lesgum); was once feminine and became masculine by the 17th century. Replaced the Old French leün, which was inherited from the same source.

What language is the word Ananas?

From French ananas, from Spanish ananás, from Portuguese ananás (“pineapple”), from Old Tupi nanas (“pineapple”).