Quick Answer: Is Germany better than France?

Is Germany better than France to live?

Originally Answered: Is life better in France or Germany? Germany has the better economy and satisfaction rating, but really that would depend if you’re looking for work, a place to retire, study… Both countries still rank among the most desirable places to live on the planet.

Is France more beautiful than Germany?

If anything, Germany is very much a nature lover’s paradise, and its landscape is arguably more beautiful than France. The region of Bavaria – in Germany’s south – is comprised of mountains, castles, and quaint villages that look like they belong in paintings.

Which country is better to study Germany or France?

In conclusion, there is no clear choice as both countries offer some of the best education and research facilities in the world. Both are very welcoming to international students and offer tremendous after studies opportunities also.

Are salaries higher in Germany or France?

Salary is generally higher in Germany, but income tax is generally also higher in Germany. This is deceiving, though. Payroll tax in France is higher than in Germany, so that explains why the salary in France is usually lower but the income tax is also usually lower. One big difference is if you are a working woman.

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Is Germany better than UK?

Germany and UK are arguable the two best countries to work as an expat in Europe. Germany is the largest country in the EU and has the strongest economy. At the same time, the British capital London is a truly global city with many opportunities for expats looking for a good job.

The UK.

1 Switzerland
23 United Kingdom

Is France cheaper than Germany?

France is 12.8% more expensive than Germany.

Is France a pretty country?

The one thing France has is a lot of beautiful places with such variety; the Alps, the mountain top villages, the French Riviera, the Pyrenees, the country side and villages of Provence, Ancient sites such as Pont du Gard, Gorges du Verdon which is Europes largest, old ruins of castles in the Dordogne and the preserved …

What is bigger Germany or France?

France is about 1.5 times bigger than Germany.

Germany is approximately 357,022 sq km, while France is approximately 551,500 sq km, making France 54% larger than Germany. Meanwhile, the population of Germany is ~80.2 million people (12.3 million fewer people live in France).

Is it better to study in UK or Germany?

The UK is known for the best universities in the world and easy visa process, while Germany is popular for free education (for the students with distinction) and quality education.

Is Germany better than Italy for international students?

Germany has relatively higher salary and more job opportunities. There are lot more industries in Germany. So, if your goal is to find a job in the foreign country after your education, Germany may be a better option. Universities: Both Germany and Italy have world class universities.

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Is France a good country to study?

International students consider France a good place for an international study experience. … Overall, France received an average rating of 8.3 out of 10, which is significantly higher than its score in 2013.