Quick Answer: How does APL work in France?

To benefit from housing allowance (known as APL in France), each co-tenant must submit their application as quickly as possible on the French family allowances fund (CAF) website and create their housing application (copy of both sides of the national identity card, passport or birth certificate, bank account details, …

Who is eligible for APL in France?

You’re eligible for the APL if: you are a tenant (or subtenant under 30 years old) The accommodation you are renting is decent. Your rental is under a lease agreement.

How do I apply for APL in France?

Application for housing subsidies should be made to the CAF. There are mainly three types to which you can apply for: « Aide personnalisée au logement » (APL);

Application process for Local housing benefits

  1. Create an account on the CAF website: www.caf.fr.
  2. Fill an online form on the website and send it to CAF.

How much do you get from CAF France?

The CAF is an extremely useful form of financial support for renting accommodation in France. If you are in a studio you can recaive as much as €200 a month, and if you are in shared housing you can recaive up to €180 a month.

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How does the CAF work in France?

1. What is the CAF? The CAF stands for ‘Caisse des Allocations Familiales’ and it is the government body that helps families by offering different services and benefits going from early childhood, crèche, halte garderies, education, holidays, family allowances, pregnancy benefits & housing benefits.

What benefits can I claim in France?

A – Basic maintenance benefits

  • 1) Child benefits. …
  • 2) Flat-rate allowance. …
  • 3) Family income supplement. …
  • 4) Family support allowance (Allocation de soutien familial/ ASF) …
  • 1) Birth/Adoption grant. …
  • 2) Basic allowance. …
  • 3) Shared child-rearing benefit (PreParE)/ Supplement for free choice of working time (CLCA)

What does APL stand for in France?

CAF: housing aid (APL and ALS)

Personalized housing assistance (APL) is for single students or couples with or without dependents, who live in a dormitory with a convention in metropolitan France.

Do I need a French bank account for CAF?


You will need to open a French bank account in order to apply.

What documents do you need for CAF?

The documents to deliver to the CAF office are:

  • A copy of your ID card or passport.
  • A copy of your birth certificate (in French).
  • A copy of your EHIC card or medical insurance.
  • A letter written by the student stating that they have sufficient resources to be able to live in France.
  • A copy of the Erasmus grant agreement.

How do you stop CAF in France?

You only have to do one thing: change your address in your profile. You can write your adress from your home country and the CAF will cease automatically.

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Is daycare free in France?

Childcare at nurseries and preschools in France

French nursery schools, or ècoles maternelles, accept children from two to six years of age and are free of charge. … Nearly every French school offers a before and after-school childcare system, but you’ll have to pay.

What is child benefit in France?

How much is child benefit per child in France? In the case of adoption, the basic allowance is paid for 12 months minimum and up to 3 years until the child’s 20th birthday. The full basic allowance of 184.62 €/month, and the partial basic allowance of 92.31 €.

How is CAF calculated?

The CAF is a percentage that is applied to fees, in addition to the base exchange rate. It is calculated based on the average of the exchange rate over the prior three months. The currency adjustment factor increases in direct response to the United States dollar dropping in value.