Quick Answer: Do dogs need muzzles in France?

Category 2 dogs must wear muzzles in public. – Always keep your dog on leash in cities, though you can usually let them off in the country or on hiking trails. And please clean up after your pet!

Do dogs have to be on a leash in France?

Laws in France require dogs to be under close surveillance of their owner and less than 100m away (328 ft), but allow them to be off leash. … But for those who choose to let their dog off leash, being able to get them back one way or the other is still necessary or they’ll end up at the pound.

What dogs are not allowed in France?

France has two classifications for dangerous dogs. Category 1 dogs are defined as attack dogs without pedigree papers.

Category 1: Banned breeds in France

  • Staffordshire Terrier.
  • American Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull Terrier)
  • Japanese Tosa Inu.
  • Boerbull Mastiff.
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What do I have to do to take my dog to France?

What are the health requirements for bringing a pet to France? Your dog, cat or ferret will need to be microchipped, have the correct pet documentation and a valid vaccination against rabies. Read our Pet Travel Scheme Checklist before travelling or visit the DEFRA website for further details.

What are Category 2 dogs in France?

Category two dogs are pedigree American Staffordshire terriers, Tosa, and Rottweilers and their crosses. A mix-breed rottie is not a category one dog, but it is subject to the same regulations as its pedigree cousins.

What is a common pet you would find in France?

The most popular animal companions in France are dogs and cats. More than half of all French households have a pet – with about 44% owning cats and / or dogs.

How are animals treated in France?

France passed its first animal protection law in 1850, though this law prohibited only public cruelty towards animals. … The Penal Code makes it an offense to seriously physically abuse or sexually abuse, commit and act of cruelty towards, or abandon a domesticated, tamed, or captive animal.

How can I take my dog to France from UK?

In order to travel from the UK to France, you must be able to prove that your pet has had their rabies vaccination within the past year, but at least 21 days before your arrival in France. In order to take a pet outside of the UK, you will require an animal health certificate.

Are wolfdogs legal in France?

Their crime? Being “too wolf-like”. The French animal and wildlife authorities, namely the CITES and the ONCFS consider the dogs to be “wolf hybrids”. According to them, owning these “wild” animals is illegal.

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Can I take my English bull terrier to France?

Staffordshire terriers and American Staffordshire terriers are classed as dangerous dogs in France and listed under category 2. But if they have pedigree papers they can enter France. … English Staffordshire Bull Terriers are allowed in and are not classed as a dangerous dog.

Can I take my dog to France in 2021?

For your dog to be eligible to enter the EU from Jan 2021, the following requirements must be in place: Microchipped – Your dog must be microchipped, which can be done by most Vets. … Rabies – Your dog must be vaccinated against Rabies and this process will take at least four months to complete.

Can you take a dog on the Eurotunnel?

Customers must contact Eurotunnel and register their travel in advance with our Customer Support team who will provide the Customer with all the necessary documentation to be completed. Without exception, travel with more than 20 animals (cats, dogs or ferrets) per vehicle is not permitted.

Are dogs allowed on beaches in France?

The hundreds of miles of beaches provide plenty of opportunity for sandy paws and soggy coats – utter bliss! Much like the UK, not every beach is dog-friendly and those that are, are often seasonal. But with France’s 267 dog friendly beaches, you’ll still be spoilt for choice.

Are pit bulls illegal in France?

Dangerous dogs : French classification

– Category 1 : attack dogs – They are dogs whose appearance is of American Staffordshire terrier (pit-bulls), Mastiff (boerbulls) and Tosa types (i.e. without pedigree). It is prohibited to introduce these dogs into France.

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Does France ban pitbulls?

There is a ban on importing certain attack dogs into France. The dogs concerned are Category 1 dogs without a pedigree recognised by the French Ministry of Agriculture belonging to the following breeds: Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire terrier (pitbull), Mastiff (boerbull) and Tosa.

Are Rottweilers banned in France?

These dogs are banned in France, full-stop. Class 2 dogs are guard and defense dogs — along with the four breeds above (when purebred), the law specifically names Rottweilers. While it’s legal to own them, they must be leashed and muzzled at all times when they are anywhere in public.