Question: Can I take my own goods to France?

If you are moving to France from a country situated outside of the EU, you can import your household goods duty free. You will need to provide a detailed inventory showing the value of your goods in euros, and you should have a receipt for goods less than 6 months old.

Can I take personal items to France?

However, when travelling into France in person you may bring personal luggage that is not subject to VAT. … When goods are being transported you must provide two copies of an inventory of goods and furniture listing their value, documents proving you have a residence in France, and a signed declaration.

Can I still take building materials to France?

Bad news here, French customs states that: “Goods intended to furnish a secondary residence are no longer admitted free of customs duty and VAT.” So you can still bring items over, but if they are worth more than €430 you will have to pay customs duty on them.

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What do you have to declare at customs France?

the duty-free allowance for goods. … Important: you must declare to Customs any goods in excess of €150, €300, or €430 (see table above) that you are carrying, and pay the corresponding duties and taxes. The customs declaration may be oral or written, depending on the goods and their value.

What can you not bring into France?

You are not allowed to take meat or meat products to France apart from fish or fish products (up to a maximum of 20kg). You are not allowed to take milk, cheese, yoghurt or other milk-based products except for infant milk, infant food or food required by humans or pets for medical reasons.

Can I take personal goods into the EU?

Up to 31 December 2020 those travelling to the EU can still take unlimited amounts of duty and tax paid goods for personal use. … This means those travelling from GB won’t have to pay UK tax and excise duties on alcohol and tobacco they take with them when they leave.

Do I need a customs declaration for France?

No tax or customs procedures are required for personal belongings entering France. Their nature and quantity must not imply commercial purposes.

Can I take tools to France from UK?

If you are moving to France, then you are exempt from VAT and customs duties, in theory limited to items owned by you in the UK for at least six months. Ideally you should have evidence of the latter but a French customs official said it is usually enough to attest to it.

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Can I take wood into France?

If the French authorities do not have an issue with you taking the wood into their country, and the wood is in free circulation in the EC you should be fine to take the wood across in your vehicle as planned.

Can I take tea bags into France?

The rules on plants and plant products essentially refer to fresh plants, vegetables and fruits etc, so you can bring in for example rolled porridge oats (but not whole oat seed suitable for planting), you can bring in teabags, but not fresh whole, unfermented tea leaves, and roasted coffee beans are acceptable.

Can you buy duty free from UK to France?

Duty free has returned on board, with savings of up to 50% when you sail to and from the UK to France or Spain.


Beer, Wine, Spirits & Tobacco Allowance
Tobacco 200 cigarettes AND 100 cigarillos AND 50 cigars AND 250g tobacco

How much spirits can I take to France?

Anyone coming in to France from an EU country can bring with them 10 litres of spirits, 20 litres of fortified wine such as Port or Madeira, 90 litres of wine and 100 litres of beer (otherwise known as The Local’s weekly shop).

How much duty free can I bring back France?

200 cigarettes (1 carton) or 100 cigarillos (max. 3 grams each) or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco. You may combine any of these products provided that you do not exceed the total limit. 4L of wine and 16L of beer and 1L of spirits over 22% volume or 2L of alcoholic beverages less than 22% volume.

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Can I take food in my suitcase to France?

The import of perishable goods such as food and plants is prohibited or strictly regulated according to the country.

Can I take food to France on Eurotunnel?

When planning what to bring on a long car ride, don’t forget about feeding yourself, your passengers, and pets. Travelling with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle means you can have snacks in the car with you, but please be aware of what you can and cannot bring now that the UK is not part of the European Union rules apply.

Can I take dry dog food to France?

You aren’t allowed to take meat based or milk based dog food including treats into the EU unless you have written confirmation from your vet that your pet requires a certain dog food for medical reasons.