Is the ocean in France warm?

Sea water temperature throughout France is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 20°C. The warmest sea temperature in France today is 15.4°C (in Cannes), and the coldest water temperature is 7.4°C (Thonon-les-Bains).

How warm is the water in France?

The temperature of the sea surface on the French Riviera varies from a low of 13° C (55° F) in January to a high of 24° C (75° F) in July. As you probably know, sea temperatures are rising worldwide and the temperatures creep up every year.

Is the ocean cold in France?

In Le Havre, Normandy, the average temperature ranges from 5.3 °C (42 °F) in January to 18 °C (65 °F) in July. … The sea remains very cool, if not cold, even in summer, however, it reaches 18 °C (64 °F) in August.

Where is the warmest ocean water in Europe?

The warmest sea in Europe today is 20.1°C (in La Gomera, Spain), and the coldest sea temperature now is -1.8°C (in Upernavik, Greenland).

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Which ocean water is the warmest?

Looking at the entire oceans, however, the Pacific Ocean is by far the warmest overall ocean because it has about four times the intense sun-heated surface area in the tropics compared with the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the average sea temperature?

The average temperature of the sea surface is about 20° C (68° F), but it ranges from more than 30° C (86° F) in warm tropical regions to less than 0°C at high latitudes. In most of the ocean, the water becomes colder with increasing depth.

Is France cold or hot?

France generally enjoys cool winters and mild summers except along the Mediterranean where mild winters and hot summers are the norm. Average winter temperatures range from 32° F to 46° F and average summer temperatures from 61° F to 75° F. For the most warmth and sunshine go to the south of the country.

Is France colder than UK?

Generally as a whole country France has higher day time average temperatures than England. The largest difference is during the summer months when the south of France is significantly hotter than the cooler north of England. The two capitals have very similar weather, click here to see.

What is the warmest place in France?

The warmest place in France is the French Riviera coast in Southern France. With average summer temperatures well above 30oC (80oF) and long dry summers and warm springs and autumns and mild winters, the South of France is the place to experience the best climate in France throughout the year.

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Is the ocean in Italy warm?

Sea water temperature throughout Italy is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 20°C. The warmest sea temperature in Italy today is 17.4°C (in Linosa), and the coldest water temperature is 7.9°C (Lido di Volano).

Which country has the warmest sea?

Indian Ocean

This ocean is bordered by Asia, Africa, and Australia and is the warmest in the world. Water temperatures of the Indian Ocean range between 66 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (19 to 30 Celsius) on the ocean’s upper layer.

Where in Europe is hottest today?

Valletta in Malta, an island nation off the south coast of Italy, tops the list of ten hot cities in Europe. Farther east, temperatures in Athens, Greece are almost as high.

Hottest Cities in Europe.

High °F 72.1
High °C 22.3
City Valletta, Malta
Low °F 58.8
Low °C 14.9

What ocean is the coldest?

The Arctic Ocean is the smallest, shallowest, and coldest part of the ocean.

Which ocean is the deepest?

The average ocean depth is 2.3 miles .

The deepest part of the ocean is called the Challenger Deep and is located beneath the western Pacific Ocean in the southern end of the Mariana Trench, which runs several hundred kilometers southwest of the U.S. territorial island of Guam.

What is the saltiest ocean?

Of the five ocean basins, the Atlantic Ocean is the saltiest. On average, there is a distinct decrease of salinity near the equator and at both poles, although for different reasons. Near the equator, the tropics receive the most rain on a consistent basis.

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