Is it worth doing MiM in France?

Is France good for masters in management?

A master’s in management or an MBA from a prestigious French university are considered to be among the very best in the world. Almost one hundred higher education institutions in France have achieved formal international recognition for their high standards.

What is the scope of MIM?

After gaining experience, MIM graduates can work as HR Manager, Training Manager, General Operation Manager, Sales Manager or Business Development Manager. Also, after gaining significant work experience, they can also work in higher management roles.

How good is neoma Business School Quora?

NEOMA is recognized as a good business school in France. It does not compare with HEC or l’ESSEC, but you will find a job without trouble. If you really only want to have a job in France, then choose Corporate Finance. Big 4 and Consulting firms always need fresh meat for their clients.

Is MiM free in Germany?

Cologne, Germany

The University of Cologne’s WiSo-Faculty offers an MSc in Business Administration that is classified as a MiM program. As Cologne is state-funded, there are no tuition fees at all, merely a small “semester contribution” that covers public transport.

Is GMAT required for MiM in Germany?

To get into MiM courses in Germany, GMAT scores are not mandatory but are strongly recommended. Additionally, some universities ask for prior work experience of at least 3 months. International applicants are required to have language proficiency (usually English language proficiency).

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Which country is best for MIM jobs?

Currently, the MIM (Master in Management) is largely Europe centric, and countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, and Netherlands are the top countries offering MIM degree.

Can MIM graduate become CEO?

An MiM degree can lead you to a job or career in Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, etc. … MiM graduates, with sufficient experience, also rise to supervisory positions. With experience, one can rise to become a Managing Director, President or CEO of the company.

Is MIM better than MBA?

Is MiM better than MBA? Although both courses address a variety of business topics and basic business concepts, the MBA is typically geared for people who have a few years of work experience. The MIM is more of a career jumpstart for those who have little or no job experience and are fresh out of college.