Is it common to have Internet in France?

In 2019, 90 percent of households in France had access to the internet. … The overall share of households in France with internet access therefore almost equaled the average of the European Union (EU-27).

How many people in France have internet?

There were 59.47 million internet users in France in January 2021. The number of internet users in France increased by 1.4 million (+2.5%) between 2020 and 2021. Internet penetration in France stood at 91.0% in January 2021.

Does France have good internet?

The availability of high-speed internet varies across France. As you would expect, major towns and cities have good access to high-speed internet – for example most of Paris has access to internet of more than 100Mb/s – however, in rural France the internet speed is often much slower.

Does France have bad internet?

Across France, network connections are generally good quality, however, in rural areas with low housing density, slow speeds are endemic. Most homes have as the only option ADSL, which is delivered over telephone lines. … Bring the issue up with your network provider, and encourage your neighbors to complain as well.

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What is the Internet like in France?

There are 2 main options for Internet access in France – ADSL and fiber-optic – and the availability of the services will depend on where you live in France. Prices for both types of access are pretty similar, but fibre optic will be much faster.

Do French like technology?

Smartphones are the number one device in France and are growing fast, with over three quarters of French people said to own one and use it to go online almost daily, a new study shows.

Is social media popular in France?

In France, social media is increasingly being used by businesses. French SMEs seem to use a wide range of social networks. Most popular among these are Viadeo and LinkedIn, followed closely by Facebook. … Most French websites also increasingly integrate links to their social media profiles such as Facebook.

Is there free WiFi in France?

Now, free WiFI in France is just about everywhere. Almost all hotels provide free WiFi at some centralised point, such as a lounge, if not in all the rooms, which is increasingly becoming the norm. And, usually, it’s free, although a few places do make a nominal charge.

Is the Internet in France fast?

Internet speeds in Paris are typically faster than Paris 13 Gobelins, but slower than Paris 17 Batignolles-Monceau.

Paris Broadband Speed Distribution.

Percentage of Speed Tests in Speed Range
Internet Speed Range Paris France
Adequate: 30-60 Mbps 10.42% 10.92%
Good: 60-80 Mbps 3.44% 3.68%
Fast: 80-300 Mbps 22.87% 13.84%

What is the Internet called in France?

In February 2009, France Télécom indicated the Minitel network still had 10 million monthly connections.


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Minitel 1. Built 1982
Developer Postes, Télégraphes et Téléphones
Status Discontinued
Members 10 million monthly connections (2009)

How is WIFI in France?

Public Wifi in France. For such a large and technologically advanced country, France doesn’t have a very good public wifi infrastructure. There are a limited number of places you can find free wifi in France. The most likely and common place to access complimentary wifi is at a café or restaurant.

How fast is 4G in France?

Download Speed Experience Additional Metrics

4G Download Speed in Mbps
O Orange 47 (± 0.38)
S SFR 27 (± 0.24)
F Free Mobile 26 (± 0.25)
B Bouygues 29 (± 0.26)

What is the average Internet speed in France?

10,757 kbps is the average internet speed in France.

How can I buy Internet in Paris?

Rent Pocket WiFi, the most efficient way to get WiFi in Paris

  1. Get an international plan for France with your provider. Just go online on your provider’s website and get a global plan. …
  2. Use Free WiFi hotspots in Hotels, Cafes and restaurants in Europe. …
  3. Buy a Prepaid Sim Card for France.

Can I get Sky Broadband in France?

The skyDSL2+ Modem connects you directly to the Internet via satellite without any bottleneck. This is the reason why skyDSL is available everywhere in in France. So it is for you. A DSL availability check is not necessary!