Is Bordeaux a good holiday destination?

The city has excellent museums, great nightlife and the beaches of the atlantic are very close by. Bordeaux is a superb holiday destination whether it be for a long weekend or mid week break or as a base to tour the beautifully stunning region of Aquitaine.

Is Bordeaux France worth visiting?

The region around Bordeaux is amazing and worth visiting too. There are many beautiful day trips that await. You can of course visit wineries but there are also lovely villages and natural attractions nearby. Just to name a few: Carcassonne and the Dune du Pilat, la Roche-sur-Yon, Saint Emilion, Limoges…

How many days should you spend in Bordeaux?

For a solid itinerary in France’s wine capital, we recommend at least three days—ample time to explore the city’s elegant streets and modern attractions with a day-trip to nearby chateaux.

Why you should visit Bordeaux?

Here are 10 reasons why Bordeaux is the perfect mini-break destination this year:

  • The architecture. Strolling the streets of Bordeaux. …
  • Wine, wine and more wine. …
  • Foodie heaven. …
  • Caneles. …
  • The water mirror. …
  • All about the arts. …
  • Saint-Émilion. …
  • Flea markets.

What is the best time of year to visit Bordeaux France?

The prime time for Bordeaux travel is between June and August: that’s when most French and other Europeans visit Bordeaux. For fewer crowds and lower rates, come in spring, or autumn. One downfall of coming in fall: starting in September, the wineries start doing their harvests, and some don’t allow visitors.

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Is Bordeaux a beautiful city?

Bordeaux isn’t just a wine region but is a city as well. Of course, there are many vineyards to visit in Bordeaux area but there is so much more than that. Bordeaux is a beautiful city which is easy to visit because the Mayor of Bordeaux invested a lot of money on transport.

Which is better Bordeaux or Lyon?

Re: between Bordeaux and Lyon…? Bordeaux is more open spaced than Lyon, with the river and the docks. Lyon feels more dense. However Lyon has better restaurants (or at least a greater number of good restaurants), and has kept more of its medieval stone buildings than Bordeaux (which has some, just less).

Is Bordeaux safe at night?

Bordeaux is a fairly safe city, but you should employ common sense. Avoid wandering alone at night in the Gare St-Jean, Marché des Capucins and place de la Victoire areas. None of these areas are dangerous, but they can attract shady characters and feel unsavoury after dark.

Are Bordeaux walkable?

Bordeaux is small enough to walk around. Drink the cheap wine – Grab a cheap bottle of Bordeaux from one of their numerous wine shops on the street and have a glass while walking around to see monuments and historic buildings.

Do you need a car in Bordeaux?

You don’t need a car to get around Bordeaux. The tram system is great for the center of town (where you’ll probably be spending pretty much all your time); you can get out to Château Pape Clément with the city bus.