How much fast food does France have?

France’s 32,000 fast-food outlets booked sales of about €51bn last year – 6% more than in 2016, 13% up on four years ago, and almost three times the figure in 2005. What’s more, they now represent 60% of the entire French restaurant business.

Is there a lot of fast food in France?

But it’s not just McD’s that has caught French interest: Fast food now accounts for the majority of restaurant spending in the country. … The latest survey, to be released in May, found that fast food chains now account for 54 percent of all restaurant sales in France.

How many fast food restaurants are there in France?

In 2013, there were more than 63,000 enterprises in the French fast food industry.

Number of enterprises in the French fast food industry from 2011 to 2016 (in 1,000s)

Characteristic Number of enterprises in 1,000s
2016 68.9
2015 64.13
2014 66.92

Do the French eat fast?

They rarely eat fast food

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But the French version of fast food is grabbing a freshly baked baguette with some cheese or grabbing a pre made salad from the local supermarket.

What country eats the most fast food?

1. UNITED STATES: The USA is the biggest fast foods consumer of the world. One can also notice that most of the Americans are also very fat and unhealthy due to this habit.

Why is McDonald’s better in France?

French McDonald’s are spacious, tastefully decorated restaurants that encourage people to take their time while eating. … Another reason McDonald’s works so well here is that the food is locally sourced and very high quality. As we all know, France is the land of haute cuisine. But it’s also the land of good cuisine.

Is there Mcdonalds in France?

McDonald’s France is the French subsidiary of the international fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s. … McDonald’s France currently has over 1,485 restaurants operating nationwide, serving an estimated forty-six million people each week. McDonald’s French operations are based in Guyancourt, Yvelines.

Is there Burger King in France?

As of December 2019, Burger King has 335 restaurants in France.

Does France have a Chick Fil A?

Soon, Paris will be home to Chick-Fil-A near Ramseur Baptist Church, 3400 Lamar Ave., according to city officials.

What fast food does Paris have?

The Best 10 Fast Food Restaurants in Paris, France

  • Maison de la Poutine. 0.3 mi. $$ Fast Food. …
  • L’As du Fallafel. 0.8 mi. 1810 reviews. …
  • Homer. 0.6 mi. Fast Food. …
  • Quick. 2.0 mi. $ Fast Food, Burgers. …
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill. 0.7 mi. 127 reviews. …
  • Five Guys. 1.8 mi. 44 reviews. …
  • McDonald’s. 0.4 mi. $$ Fast Food, Burgers. …
  • Patati Patata. 1.6 mi.
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Is there junk food in France?

Yet the vast majority of burgers consumed in France – 70% – are far from fast food. … France’s 32,000 fast-food outlets booked sales of about €51bn last year – 6% more than in 2016, 13% up on four years ago, and almost three times the figure in 2005.

Do the French eat a lot of fat?

On average, the French eat more saturated fat than the World Health Organization says is good for them. They also ate more cheese, which can be high in saturated fat, than any other country in the world in 2014.

Why do French not snack?

Snacking is not allowed in France

In France, snacking is considered to be a symptom of a problem, not the natural way of things; it is something to be fixed. The first culprit in the battle against snacking is not eating enough at mealtimes.

What country has the best junk food?

Cambodia is ranked as the best country in the Unhealthy Eating category. However, this is a reflection on the scarcity of food and not a celebration of healthy living.

What country has no fast food?

Here are a few countries out of the 105 in the world where you won’t find McDonald’s fries or burgers.

  • Bermuda*
  • Barbados*
  • Cambodia.
  • Jamaica*
  • Ghana.
  • Montenegro.
  • Yemen.

What country has the most McDonald’s?

Countries and territories with a McDonald’s outlet

# Country/territory People per outlet
1 United States 23,130
2 Canada (details) 25,560
3 Puerto Rico (territory of United States) 29,583
4 U.S. Virgin Islands (territory of United States) 17,878
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