How much did it cost to run Versailles?

However, Versailles’ price tag ranges anywhere from two billion dollars (in 1994 USD) all the way up to a maximum cost of $299,520,000,000! These expenses are but one way to underscore the differences in day-to-day life between the lavish habits of the French aristocracy and the struggles of the common citizen.

How much did the Versailles cost?

The palace cost upwards of two billion dollars to construct. Most of the expense was in materials, as labor costs were very low in those days.

How much money did it take to make the Palace of Versailles?

In 1994, American TV company PBS concluded that the French palace could have cost anywhere between $2-300 billion in today’s money.

How much did the Palace of Versailles cost today?

Palace of Versailles, France – $50.7 billion (£39bn)

How much did King Louis XVI spend on Versailles?

He didn’t incur any debts for Versailles. All costs were covered by the annual state budget. The entire building project, including the expensive gardens, consumed 25 million livres of a state budget that added up to 26 billion livres over the years Versailles was built.

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Who paid for Versailles?

After the Second World War, Gérald Van der Kemp, curator of the Palace, was forced to call on rich philanthropists’ generosity, often American, to supplement the funding granted by the French government.

How much would it cost to build Buckingham Palace today?

The total build cost came in at £320 million, which included the construction of 19 state rooms, 78 bedrooms, and 52 principle bedrooms. This was around 10 times the original purchase, build and extension costs (incurred between 1761 and 1913) of around £33 million, in today’s terms.

Why did Versailles get Cancelled?

It was rumoured that the show was cancelled because of the decreasing number of viewers. The show also received attention and some criticism from fans for its raunchy sex scenes.

Who lives in Versailles now?

21st century

The Palace of Versailles is currently owned by the French state.

Is the gold in Versailles real?

The golden gate of the Palace of Versailles has been replaced in 2008. These gates were destroyed by the common people during the French revolution. Replicas of the 80-metre steel gate decorated with 100,000 gold leaves were made with help of private donors contributed 5 million euros (8 million dollars).

How much is Windsor Castle Worth?

Windsor Castle sits outside of London and has long been the ‘second home’ of the British royal family. Built in 1070, it was the inspiration for the royal family’s house name of Windsor, which King George V chose in 1917 amid World War I. Now it’s estimated to be worth $326 million, and for good reason.

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Which is the richest Palace in the world?

The Queen of England is the queen of real estate. Buckingham Palace is technically a Crown property and comprises 775 rooms, 188 staff rooms, including 52 royal and guest bedrooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms, and 19 staterooms making this not just the world’s most expensive residence but also the most ‘roomy’.

How much does it cost to rent Versailles?

Palace of Versailles wedding cost will exceed 100 000 euro with optimal budgets starting at 200 000 euro. The venue rent itself varies from 18 000 euro for the Crusades Rooms to 70 000 euro for the Gallery of Battles or Orangerie.

What happened to Versailles after Louis death?

Following the death of Louis XIV in September 1715, the court abandoned Versailles for Vincennes and transplanted itself briefly to Paris the following December. Versailles entered a long period of neglect. … It was not until 15 June 1722 that, at his own request, the young Louis XV returned to Versailles.

Why did the king leave Versailles?

In 1789, faced with a grave financial crisis, the king summoned a meeting of the Estates General at the palace. Later that year, ceding to popular pressure, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette left Versailles for Paris. Both died by the guillotine in 1793.

Why did Louis build Versailles?

Louis XIV wanted to show that France could produce mirrors just as fine as those produced in Italy, and consequently, all the mirrors of that hall were made on French soil.” … Scholars have suggested a number of factors that led him to build a great palace complex at Versailles and move the French government there.

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