How many public servants are in France?

How many government employees does France have?


Ministries Civil servants Other civilian employees
Overseas affairs 2,171 468
Research 20 9,041
Services of the prime minister 1,367 1,127
Total 1,685,898 215,591

How big is the public sector in France?

Without a doubt, France is among the countries with a high ratio in this regard. In 2015, it had 89 functionaries per 1 000 inhabitants, compared to 80 for the UK, 75 for Belgium and 68 for the US (see Graph 1).

What percentage of French workers work for the government?

Members of the judiciary and the armed forces are governed by special regulations. Statistics: The French civil service employs 5.3 million people (21.1% of the active population) and is organised into 3 Levels: State Civil Service, with 2.484 million employees (47% of the total) distributed into Ministries (2.,193 m.)

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What percentage of workers are public sector?

London had the lowest share of workers employed in the public sector (14%). However, because the total number of people working in London is higher than for other regions, London still had the highest number of public sector workers of any region (750,000).

How many civil servants does France have?

In this year, more than 1,9 million civil servants were working for ministries, while about 1,2 million people were employed by French hospitals.

Number of governmental employees in France in 2018, by sector.

Characteristic Number of civil servants

How much do French civil servants earn?

France. Most French Government employees using Emolument work in France for an average salary of $48,000.

Which country has the best public sector?

Switzerland is the country with the highest public sector performance and efficiency, while Italy is the country with the lowest overall score in the report.

How many public servants are there in Greece?

According to SEV, the overall number of public sector employees is actually 770,000.

Which country has most government jobs?

Norway has the highest government employment levels, reaching 30 percent of total employment. Denmark (29.1 percent), Sweden (28.6 percent) and Finland (24.9 percent) all follow with larger than average public sector workforces.

Why is France GDP so high?

France’s diversified economy is led by tourism, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. The government has partially or fully privatized many large companies but maintains a strong presence in such sectors as power, public transport, and defense.

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What is France Population below poverty line?

Population below poverty line: 13.6% (2018 est.) Definition: National estimates of the percentage of the population falling below the poverty line are based on surveys of sub-groups, with the results weighted by the number of people in each group.

What is the percentage of agricultural land used in France?

Agricultural land (% of land area) in France was reported at 52.34 % in 2018, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

How many public servants are there in the UK?

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 5.6 million people are employed in the UK’s public sector – accounting for nearly a sixth of all those in paid work (December 2020). It’s clear that it’s a huge employment source, but what exactly is the public sector?

How many public employees are there in the UK?

In the same year, almost 1.5 million people worked in education, the second largest industry in terms of public sector employees.

Characteristic Number of employees (in 1,000s)
NHS 1,845
Education 1,499
Public administration (non-civil service) 624
Other (including financial corporations) 543

How many civil servants are there in the UK?

How many civil servants are there? As of the end of September 2021, there were 472,700 full-time equivalent (FTE) civil servants.