How long does Etudes en France take to process?

The Campus France application for approval (step 1) process takes either 3 days with expedited processing or up to 3 weeks for regular processing. The visa application process may take a minimum of 2-3 weeks after you have had your in-person appointment at the Visa Application Center (VAC).

How long does Etudes en France take?

The average time to process an application by the French Consulate is ten days. A long-stay visa equivalent to a resident permit with a duration from 4 to 12 months will be issued (VLS-TS).

What is Etudes en France procedure?

The “Etudes en France – EE ” (Studying in France) procedure offers prospective students the benefit of guidance and support at every step in the admission process, from application to enrollment. It even allows applicants to apply for their visa online and to track the progress of their electronic application.

What is the Etudes en France certificate?

This OFII sticker certifies that your longstay student visa has been validated. The VLS-TS student, or longstay student visa, allows you to study in France for a period of four months to one year.

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How long does France student visa take?

How long does a student visa take and when should my student apply? The Campus France process takes at least three weeks and the Consulate process take a minimum of two weeks. The application process can begin no sooner than 90 days before the departure date.

How much bank balance is required for France student visa?

Proof of sufficient funds for living in the country. The current amount required is €615 (US$820) per month, which can be shown with a bank statement, a guarantor’s letter or a notice of funding from a loan, scholarship or grant.

What is Etudes en France fee waiver?

Indian students, who wish to pursue one or two years of studies in France at the master’s level, can apply for the scholarship. … Benefits include monthly allowance of 700 euros, ‘Etudes en France fee’ waiver, tuition fee waiver up to 5000 euros, assistance to find affordable student accommodation and students visa.

Is Campus France mandatory?

It is mandatory for the non-European foreign students. If you live in one of the countries affected by the “Etudes en France” (Studying in France) procedure, the DAP procedure is conducted online on the “Etudes en France” platform.

How do I fill out a campus application in France?

To apply for a long-stay student visa, you must follow the step-by-step procedure explained here below. Fill the Campus France form (academic records, language skills, CV+SOP etc.). Submit your file online. Campus France will review your file and give you an appointment date.

What is the purpose of Campus France?

Campus France is a public institution in charge of promoting French higher education abroad and welcoming foreign students and researchers to France. It encourages international mobility and manages scholarship programmes and the alumni network.

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What is Espace Campus France?

The Campus France Office in London was inaugurated on 10 May 2019. It is the first one to have been opened in the UK. In the context of Brexit, it will help maintain links between French and British institutions and promote the movement of students between France and the United Kingdom.

What do I need to study in France?

Most French universities will ask for the following documents for admission:

  • A Campus France authorization.
  • A passport copy.
  • A passport sized photo of yourself.
  • Copies of transcripts and graduation diplomas.
  • A copy of your European health card (for EU students)
  • Application fee (if required)
  • A civil liability certificate.

How many days does France visa take?

Typically, a France Visa (Schengen Visa) takes anywhere from 5 to 15 days to process in the France Embassy/Consulate. The processing time for a France Visa is dependent on several factors and can change without notice at the consulate’s discretion.

How long does it take to get a student visa?

Application processing time could vary between 3 day to a few weeks depending on volume. If the embassy finds issues with your application, the processing time may stretch up to a few months.

Can I work in France with a student visa?

As an international student with a study visa in France, you can take on paid work – 964 hours in a single year (about 60% of full-time employment for a year) – while you are on the course, as long as you have a valid residency permit.