How do you say hen in French?

What is called hen in French?

[ˈhɛn ] 1. (= chicken) poule f. 2. (= female bird) femelle f.

What is a hen party in France?

A hen night is a party for a woman who is getting married very soon, to which usually only women are invited.

How do you say hen in Italian?

Italian translation of ‘hen’

  1. (fowl) gallina.
  2. (with chicks) chioccia.
  3. (female bird) femmina.

Is Poussin a French word?

poussin: spring chicken.

What is called hen in Arabic?

أُنْثى الطَيْرِ {noun} hen.

What is Poisson in English?

Translation of “poisson” in English. Noun. fish.

What kind of bird is a poussin?

A small, immature chicken, sometimes called a spring chicken, and weighing about 400 to 500g. Because the bird is only four to six weeks old, the flavour has not developed and there is not much flesh on the bones, but one bird is perfect for a single serving.

What poussin means?

poussin in British English

(French pusɛ̃) noun. a young chicken reared for eating. Collins English Dictionary.

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