How do you get around Lyon?

How do I travel within Lyon?

The public transportation system in Lyon is quick and efficient and comprises the metro, la ficelle (cable cars), a recently inaugurated tram system and bus. However the best way to get around the centre is often on foot.

How much is transportation in Lyon?

A single ticket purchased from a station or authorized vendor currently costs 1.90 euros. (The ticket costs 2.20 euros if purchased directly on the bus.) One ticket is valid for a free transfer (and round trip) within an hour, but the ticket must be validated with each transfer.

How do you pay for public transport in Lyon?

A single ticket to use Lyon’s metro, bus and tram system costs €1.90 (£1.70), or €16.90 (£14.80) for a carnet of 10. You can purchase fares directly from bus or tram drivers, or there are machines at the entry to each metro station. Note that machines do not accept paper notes, so be sure to have coins on hand.

How much is the metro in Lyon?


The metro runs from 5am to midnight and trains come by every 5 minutes on average. The price of a single fare is 1.70 euros and is valid for 1 hour while the day pass is 5.20 euros. There are also prices for a family pass.

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Can I drive through Lyon?

The Lyon system has a low emissions zone, where stickers are recommended for French-registered vehicles that wish to drive in the city when pollution levels are high. Unlike Paris, the stickers are not mandatory in Lyon, but they will allow some cars to drive in the city when restrictions apply.

How do I get a TCL card?

You can get your Técély card at one of the TCL branches or at and put money on your ticket booklets at all TCL points of sale. Your card is personal and cannot be transferred to others.

How much is the funicular in Lyon?

The ride up is rather smooth. You get a quick glimpse of the old city of Lyon (Vieux Lyon) as you start to ascend. The price is the cost of a regular ticket, 1.80 euros or included with “unlimited” passes based on time rather than money. You can see here the views are amazing up top so it’s a must see in this city.

Does Marseille have a metro?

The Marseille Metro (French: Métro de Marseille) is a rapid transit system serving Marseille, in Southern France. As of 2020, the system comprises two lines, partly underground, serving 31 stations, with an overall route length of 22.7 kilometres (14.1 mi).

How late does the Metro run in Lyon?

The Metro runs from 5 am to midnight, 7 days on, and the ticket is valid for one hour. You can also purchase a subscription or a valid ticket for the entire day, week, month. You can buy tickets at automatic kiosks at the entrance of the subway or directly to the bus driver.

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