How do you get a French guarantor?

How do I get a guarantor in France?

A guarantor undertakes to assume the possible debt of the tenant in case of non-payment of the rent. There are two ways to find a guarantor: by asking an individual guarantor, and by filing an application with a rental guarantor organization such as Unkle.

Do you need a guarantor in France?

To rent private housing in France, it is essential to have a guarantor (un garant in French). Its role is to reassure landlords about your ability to pay your rent every month. Usually, landlords require a guarantor that lives in France and earns at least 3 times the rent amount.

How can I rent in France without a guarantor?

If you don’t have a guarantor you will have to pay your rents in advance in most cases, sometimes 3 to 6 months’ rents in advance, every 6 months and in other cases the whole stay! However, other solutions exist now to help you rent a student accommodation and find a guarantor.

Can my guarantor be from another country?

Can they still be my guarantor if they live abroad? It’s highly unlikely that a lender would allow someone who’s based overseas to act as a mortgage guarantor, even if they’re a British expat. A guarantor agrees to ensure the mortgage payments are made in full and on time.

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How do I apply for Visale?

Here are the steps to get VISALE in a few clicks:

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Complete the questionnaire, download the required documents, and confirm your application.
  3. Receive a certificate of VISALE eligibility, called a “visa,” within 2 to 15 days.

What is the Visale in France?

Tick : – No, if you are currently waiting for your assignment. Do not complete the other boxes as they are optional. Au regard de votre situation le dispositif VISALE peut se porter caution pour un loyer maximum de 800 € mensuel (charges comprises) en région Île de France et 600 € dans le reste de la France.

What to do if you don’t have a guarantor for a flat?

You may be able to persuade your landlord to waive the need for a guarantor by offering them a larger deposit or 6 months’ rent in advance. This may give them the greater sense of security they are looking for.

What it means to be a guarantor?

A guarantor is someone who agrees to pay your rent if you don’t pay it, for example a parent or close relative. If you don’t pay your landlord what you owe them, they can ask your guarantor to pay instead. … The agreement sets out the guarantor’s legal obligations.

What is an international guarantor?


A Guarantor is someone who is in full time employment or a homeowner, who will take financial responsibility for the tenancy and will be liable to pay the tenants rent if, for any reason, they are unable to pay an amount owed to the accommodation provider.

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