How do sales work in France?

How long do sales last in France?

“Les soldes”: France’s main sales periods

There are 2 main sales periods of a maximum duration of 4 weeks in winter and summer. The dates are decided by each French department by order of the Prefect.

Does France have sales?

‘Soldes’: the Massive Annual French Sales

It’s shocking for Americans, but in France the dates when stores can have a big sale are regulated by law.

What sells well in France?

Popular product categories

Among the top products purchased by French online buyers are clothing/footwear, books, home electronics, cosmetics, hair care, and skincare, and children’s items.

Why are sales regulated in France?

The regulations are emblematic of France’s strong consumer protection measures. No sale is ever marked final. Consumers can by law return any item that is found to have a defect, even if it was on sale. And while not obliged by law, retailers routinely accept exchanges and refunds on sale items.

Do Dior have sales?

Even Chanel and Christian Dior, among the best-known luxury brands in the world, have put lower price tags on select products. Chanel offers 30% sale on its ready-to-wear section twice a year while Dior offers discounts on items such as clutches and shoes.

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Are there January sales in France?

Paris sales – les soldes – offer savvy shoppers huge bargains twice each year in January-February and June-July as stores slash their prices on current merchandise to make room for the new season’s collections. The next Winter 2022 sale is scheduled start on January 12 and end on February 8.

What is Les soldes?

“Les soldes” – sale season in France is highly regulated. French shops can have special promotions, but it’s not the same. During “les soldes”, shops are allowed to sell at a loss, in order to sell their stock, and that is why you get such incredible values.

Is anything cheaper in France?

It is cheap compared to Dubai or Sweden; but compared to most other European coutries, it is somewhere in the middle. In reality, there are plenty of things in France that are cheaper than in the UK or the Netherlands or Germany or Switzerland, even cheaper than the USA; and others that are more expensive.

What do French consumers want?

Most French believe that consumption is synonymous with pleasure; therefore travel, restaurants, sports, culture and entertainment products and services are quite important to most French consumers. Most consumers purchase from mass retailers and large companies.

Is there eBay in France? As one of the top five eCommerce sites in France, is another one worth considering, especially if you’re already selling on the domestic version of their marketplace.