Frequent question: Why does Mrs Lyons want to move away?

Her dreams of having a child have been destroyed through her and her husband’s infertility and this leaves her desperate.

What does Mrs Lyons want?

Mrs Lyons doesn’t have a job and there is no mention of any other family and friends, so she doesn’t seem to have much purpose in life. She wants a baby to fill the void in her life. Her big empty house could be seen as a metaphor for how she feels.

Why does Mrs Lyons find her house rather large?

It’s a pretty house, isn’t it? It’s a pity it’s so big. I’m finding it rather large at present. We bought such a large house for the – for the children – we thought children would come along.

What does Mrs Lyons offer Mrs Johnstone when asking her to move away?

She offers Mrs. Johnstone any sum of money she wants if she will leave the area. The poorer woman refuses, however, saying that Mrs. Lyons should move if she wants to.

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Why does Mrs Johnstone move away?

Both families move away from Liverpool at the end of Act One. Both hope to start a new life: the Lyons think they are escaping the Johnstones and cutting Edward’s ties with them; Mrs Johnstone thinks her family are escaping their reputation and can make a new start.

What reason does Mrs Lyons give for firing Mrs Johnstone?

After she has taken the child and Mr Lyons has returned home – believing Edward to be his son, she fires Mrs Johnstone as she is scared about her becoming close to the baby.

What does Mrs Lyons want 50 from Mr Lyons for?

Lyons tells her husband that she doesn’t want Mrs. … Her husband says that she should do whatever she wants, and he tries to leave for a meeting. Then Mrs. Lyons asks him to give her some money: fifty pounds.

What are the differences between Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone?

Both of the two characters are different in their own way. For example, Mrs Lyons is evil and nasty unlike Mrs Johnstone who is kind and caring. … The other two differences we found out between the two characters was Mrs Lyons is manipulative and Mrs Johnstone is gullible.

Is Mrs Lyons an antagonist?

Antagonist: A character who opposes, works against or brings down the protagonist. MRS LYONS • Middle-class married woman who employs Mrs Johnstone as a cleaner. … Could be considered the play’s antagonist . EDWARD • Mickey’s twin brother.

How does Russell use the characters of Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons to explore ideas about family?

Willy Russell uses the contrast of characters to show the major difference in Social Class, in the play Blood Brothers. … Mrs Lyons Family have never needed anything they couldn’t have, whereas Mrs Johnstone always needs things she is unable to get, this is common amongst Working Class families.

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What does Mrs Johnstone give to Edward when he moves away?

Before he moves away from Liverpool, Edward receives a locket from Mrs. Johnstone with a picture of herself and Mickey in it. … On a narrative level, the locket symbolizes the bond that Edward feels with Mickey. On a deeper level, however, the locket illuminates the connection between Edward, Mickey, and Mrs.

Why does Mrs Lyons hit Edward?

Mrs Lyons hits her son, Edward, in this section. The stage directions say she hits him ‘instinctively’ (p. 37), suggesting that this is the result of frustration or anger beyond her control. … Or the result of her desperate desire to make Edward her own ‘beautiful son’ (p.

How does Russell create sympathy for Lyons?

Key characters: Mrs Lyons

Before this section, Russell establishes some sympathy for Mrs Lyons as she reveals that she and her husband hoped to have children but could not. This sympathy is soon undermined as she manipulatively persuades Mrs Johnstone to agree to give up her child.

Why did Mrs Johnstone move to Skelmersdale?

trouble’ (Act One, p. 57) of Liverpool that Mrs Johnstone wants to escape, and her happiness at the rural life of Skelmersdale which Mickey thinks is ‘like the country’ , with fields and cows, one of which she has to tell Sammy to ‘Get off’ before pointing out that ‘that cow’s a bull’ (Act One, p.

How does Mrs Lyons make their agreement binding?

Mrs Lyons suggests that the twins will be taken into care if Mrs Johnstone cannot look after them and points out what a good life the child would have with her. Satisfied that Mrs Lyons will let her see the child every day, Mrs Johnstone agrees to the plan. Mrs Lyons makes her swear to the agreement on a Bible.

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What is Mrs Lyons first?

“Blood Brothers Characters: Mrs. Jennifer Lyons.” LitCharts.