Do they teach French in Algeria?

Universities in Algeria teach science in French, but schools teach in Arabic. There have been concerns that students face a language barrier when they are taught in French at university, with many failing in their first year.

Is French taught in Algeria?

French is a part of the standard school curriculum, and is widely understood (18 million Algerians can write and read French, which is 50% of the population, and the figure is higher if those who can only speak and understand it are included; Ethnologue estimates indicate that 10 200 people in Algeria speak it as their …

Can Algerian people speak French?

French is a lingua franca of Algeria according to the CIA World Factbook. Algeria is the second largest Francophone country in the world in terms of speakers. In 2008, 11.2 million Algerians (33%) could read and write in French.

What is education like in Algeria?

Education in Algeria is free and compulsory for Algerians from the ages of 6 to 15. However, only half of Algerian students are enrolled in secondary schools. As of 2015, Algeria has 92 post-secondary institutions, which includes 48 universities.

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Is there French influence in Algeria?

French rule in the region began in 1830 with the invasion of Algiers and lasted until the end of the Algerian War of Independence in 1962. … As one of France’s longest-held overseas territories, Algeria became a destination for hundreds of thousands of European immigrants known as colons, and later as pieds-noirs.

How do you say hello in Algeria?

English isn’t widely spoken in Algeria.


Hello Salam/ Salam ‘likum
Welcome Mrahba bik

What do they speak in Algeria?

The World Bank classifies Algeria as an upper-middle income nation. The country is heavily reliant on energy exports in natural gas and oil. However, it faces many economic challenges, including high unemployment for women and youth and inequality among its different regions.

Can Algerian speak English?

English language is Algeria: Algeria is a great country. But most Algerian people can’t speak English properly because the government wants them to learn the old colonial French which is ranked 17 in the world in 2016,so they have limited access to quality English.

How many French lived in Algeria?

After Algeria became independent in 1962, about 800,000 Pieds-Noirs of French nationality were evacuated to mainland France, while about 200,000 remained in Algeria.

Can you drink alcohol in Algeria?

Alcohol is not widely consumed in Algeria and is often frowned upon. There are bars in most cities, but they can be seedy and not welcoming to women. International chain hotels often have more inviting bars.

How does school work in Algeria?

The educational system is structured into primary foundation school for nine years, followed by secondary education school for three years, and then the tertiary (university) level.

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How do you say school in Algeria?

The below recordings were made by Redouane Aouameur (link to fiverr). They’re mainly in the accent spoken in Algiers, the capital, but with a few scattered exampled from other Algerian regions too.

Finding Your Way And Specific Places.

English Algerian
He’s in primary school. Rahou fel ibtida’i.

Why did France hold onto Algeria?

France looked at Algeria that way an American might see Latin America through the Monroe Doctrine: a “no fly” zone for hostile foreign countries. Algeria is the part of Africa that is closest to France.

Why did the French want Algeria?

The conquest of Algeria began in the last days of the Bourbon Restoration by Charles X of France. It aimed to put a definite end to Barbary privateering and increase the king’s popularity among the French people, particularly in Paris, where many veterans of the Napoleonic Wars lived.

Why did France not give up Algeria?

Because colonial, imperial ideas became unpopular in France, and, having been themselves oppressed by a “superior” race, once they gained back their freedom most of them could no longer justify oppressing native Algerians on the same basis of European might and right especially with media showing in gory details the …