Can you say plus Pire in French?

How do you use Pire in French?

In French, you’ll use the adverb pire when: making a general statement with être about something or someone being bad/worse/the worst: C’est moins douloureux comme ça ? – Non, c’est pire ! Is it less painful like this? – No, it’s worse!

Can you say le plus mauvais?

Mauvais (bad)

You can say plus mauvais…que in the superior comparative form and le mauvais in the superior superlative. You can also say pire and le pire.

Where do you put mieux in a sentence?

Using “Meilleur” or “Mieux”

Statement Comparative Superlative
It’s a good movie. It’s a better movie. It’s the best movie.
Elle s’habille bien. Il s’habille mieux. Je m’habille le mieux.
She dresses well. He dresses better. I dress the best.
J’écris bien. Tu écris mieux (que moi). Il écrit le mieux (de tout).

What is the difference between Superlatif and Comparatif?

What are comparative and superlative adjectives? The comparative (le comparatif) allows us to compare two nouns. … The superlative (le superlatif) compares one thing against a whole group and expresses the idea of the most (le plus …) or the least (le moins …).

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What Pire means?

adjective. worse [adjective] bad to a greater extent. My exam results were bad but his were much worse (than mine). worse [adjective] more unpleasant.

What is the comparative form for Mauvais?

The adjectives bon and mauvais have special comparative forms: meilleur and pire.

What is the difference between Mal and mauvais in French?

Mauvais is usually an adjective that modifies a noun and means bad, mean, wrong, etc. Mal means bad, ill-at-ease, immoral, etc., and can only be used as an adjective with copular (state-of-being) verbs such as être (to be) and se sentir (to feel).

How do you use moins?

Use the word moins which means ‘less’. Examples: Cette veste est moins chère. (This jacket is less expensive.)

Is Copain in French masculine or feminine?

A friend is given by un ami (masculine) or une amie (feminine), or informally as un copain (masculine) or une copine (feminine).

How do you do Comparatif in French?

To make a comparison that includes an adjective, follow these easy steps:

  1. Start with subject + a conjugation of être (to be) + plus/moins/aussi + adjective that matches the subject. For example: il est plus grand (he is taller). …
  2. Add que + the original noun that you’re comparing against.

What is long comparative?

One-syllable adjectives (big, cold, hot, long, nice, old, tall) To form the comparative, we use the -er suffix with adjectives of one syllable: It’s colder today than yesterday. It was a longer holiday than the one we had last year.

What is the comparative of determined?

Adjective. determined (comparative more determined, superlative most determined)

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