Can I work as a Counsellor in France?

Psychotherapeutic practice is not protected by law in France, everybody can practice psychotherapy with or without any training!

How do I become a therapist in France?

The situation of Psychotherapy in France

Apart from psychiatrists and clinical psychologists, all must undergo some additional training: 200 to 400 hours of psychopathology, and 2 to 5 months of practice in a institution (fieldwork).

Can I work as a psychologist in France?

Psychology education is arranged through a 3 year BA followed by 2 year Masters degree. Supervision is organized in small groups. Supervised psychologists use their portfolio as their base of operations in the group.

Can counselors work abroad?

Most U.S. state laws allow psychologists licensed in the United States to offer services internationally, as long as a client’s country of residence does not require additional licensing or training.

Are there therapists in France?

Most therapists and counsellors in France are trained to work with a wide range of issues and can also help refer you to the right specialist. The approach your therapist draws from will often indicate what their professional style is.

Can I be a therapist in Europe?

Although a doctorate is coveted in the United States, many other countries—including most in Europe—emphasize an undergraduate degree in psychology, says Hall. … And many developing countries, including India, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, have no licensing or regulation of clinical psychology.

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How many psychologists are in France?

In 2016, there were almost 58,000 psychologists in France.