Can I bring my spouse under student visa in France?

A spouse or registered partner and dependent children of an international student can apply for a permit to stay/residence in France. You have the possibility to work according to your student status, within the 60% limit of the annual work term, namely 964 hours a year.

Can I bring my wife to France while studying?

Spouses and children may be permitted to reside in France while you study, but this is conditional. These conditions include having enough and appropriate financing and living space. They may be allowed to take along their spouse or kids, but that depends on various terms and rules. …

Can you bring spouse on student visa?

Dependants who do not wish to stay for a long-term in the USA can apply for a visa in B status. This visa guarantees a short-term stay and is also considered as a visitor’s visa. … Dependants who wish to study with their spouse together either at a same or different university can apply for independent student visas.

How can I bring my wife to France?

You can get a tourist visa valid for up to 90 days if you apply to the embassy/consulate with a marriage certificate (if applicable), proof of your spouse’s nationality and a travel itinerary. To stay for longer than 90 days, you will have to apply for a family reunification visa (see below).

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Can I join my husband in France?

The “family reunion” procedure, which allows you to join your family in France must be followed by your spouse or parent (if you are under 18 years of age) and be submitted to the Direction Territoriale de l’Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration (OFII ) in your place of residence.

Which country give spouse visa?

Currently, there are approximately thirty-five countries that allow the (married) spouse or sometimes even the accompanying (unmarried) partner or children to work freely. For example, the UK, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada allow spouses and partners to work.

How much funds are required for France student visa?

Proof of sufficient funds for living in the country. The current amount required is €615 (US$820) per month, which can be shown with a bank statement, a guarantor’s letter or a notice of funding from a loan, scholarship or grant.

Can an international student bring their spouse?

Some students are eligible to bring their partner and children to the UK on a dependant visa. … Your partner and children may be eligible to apply for a dependant visa if: Your course is full-time, at postgraduate level* and at least 9 months long OR.

Can we go abroad after marriage?

You are an adult and even if you are married and have child no one can stop you in if you want to move abroad. There is no restrictions on visa as such. It is absolutely your right to work whether in India or abroad.

Can spouse go with student in Norway?

Yes, if you receive a Norway Student Visa, you can bring your dependent family members with you via a Norway Family Visa. They can apply alongside you or they may come after you have already settled in Norway. The family member you can take with you are: Your spouse or registered partner.

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How long is a spouse visa?

Spouse visa is also known as settlement visa or Appendix FM Partner visa. As a result of an application for entry clearance for spouse visa, the applicant is granted initial leave for a period of 33 months.

Can I live in France if my husband is French?

Can I live in France if my spouse is French? Yes, you can live in France after requesting a French Spouse visa (called Vie Privée et Familiale) from the French Consulate of your current country of residence. Once arrived in France, you will need to validate your French Spouse Visa into a residence permit.

Can my wife get a French passport?

The partner of a French national can apply for nationality, and must be able to prove that they have been married for five years and live together, (four years if the couple can prove continuous residence in France for three years since the wedding, or if when living abroad, the French spouse has been registered as a …

Is there a fiance visa in France?

The Fiance visa allows the foreign fiancé of the French national to come to France and get married there. … The foreign spouse needs to go back to his/her home country to obtain the appropriate visa that she may be able to stay in France permanently.