Best answer: Why did Mr animal called the French language the most beautiful?

Answer: M Hamel called French the most beautiful language in the world. According to him, it was the clearest and the most logical language. He wanted the people of France to guard it amongst themselves and never forget it.

How does M Hamel describe French language?

Hamel tells the people that “French” is the most beautiful language in the world. He goes on saying that it is the best structured language with the most logical and clearest words. He also tells the people to safeguard their mother tongue as it is something no one can take away from you.

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What shows Mr Hamel’s love for the French language?

Answer: Mohammad Hamel has always showed kind of pride in his language that was France. He was always fond of France language and he uses to write the things like as large and in capitals as he can. He mainly writes ‘Viva La France!” this has shows the love of Mohammad Hamel towards the France language.

What did M Hamel say about the French language what did he ask them to do and why?

Answer : M Hamel told his students that the French language was the most clearest, most logical and most beautiful language in the world. He asked them to safeguard the French language and never forget it because when people are enslaved the only to unlock the key to their prison is by means of their language.

How did Mr Hamel pay tribute to the French language?

Answer: Hamel paid tribute to the French language by writing on the blackboard “Vive La France” which means “Long Live France”. … He loved the language verymuch and tried his best to teach students like Franz.

What does Mr Hamel tell about the significance and safeguarding of French language how does he conclude his last lesson?

How does he conclude his last lesson? Ans. M Hamel said that French was the most beautiful, clear, and logical language in the world. They must guard it among them and never forget it because when the people are enslaved, as long as they hold fast to their language it is as if they had the key to their prison.

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What did Franz feel sorry?

Answer: Franz was sorry for not learning his French lessons. His books, that had seemed such a bother till a while back, were now precious and he felt he could not give them up.

Why is the order from Berlin called a thunderclap?

Answer: The order from Berlin is called a thunderclap by Franz, because it was a complete shock for him. He had never thought that he would be deprived of the right of learning his native language. He realised he had so much more yet to learn and was going to lose the opportunity.

What was unusual about M Hamel’s dress and Behaviour on the day of his last French lesson?

Answer: In honour of his last French lesson in the school, M. Hamel had put on his fine Sunday clothes. He had on his green coat, his frilled shirt and the little black, all embroidered silk cap that he never wore except on inspection and prize days.

What was unusual about M Hamel’s dress?

2 Answers. M Hamel was dressed in his special suit which comprised his beautiful green coat, frilled shirt and a little black silk cap, all embroidered because it was the last lesson that he would deliver. He never wore this attire except on inspection and prize days.

Why did M Hamel asked his students and elderly to guard French language?

M Hamel asked the students and the villagers to guard the French language among them because their language was the sort of their identity to defend themselves when invaded by some other force.

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Why according to M Hamel is language the key to freedom?

One’s language is an important element of one’s identity. It paves the way for one’s independent existence, and if this element is taken away from one it is like taking away one’s identity and thereby, independence. This is why M. Hamel says that they must guard it among themselves.

How were parents and M Hamel responsible for the children’s neglect of the French language?

Hamel feels that the parents and he himself are responsible for the children’s neglect of the French language. Parents preferred to have their children work on their farms or in the mills. Even Hamel had sent the children on petty errands for his convenience, thus, making them miss their lessons.

Who did Mr Hamel hold responsible for not learning French well?

According to M. Hamel he thinks that the parents are responsible for not letting their children learn French as they wanted them to help them in their work so as to increase their income and did not take education seriously. He blamed the students also for procrastination and delaying the things to next day.

What are thunderclap these words to me?

“What a thunder clap these words were to me !” Which were the words that shocked and surprised little Franz? The following words of Mr. Hamel shocked and surprised little Franz. They were thunderclap to him.