Best answer: What were the features of French Constitution of 1971?

Fundamental Rights: The French Constitution of 1971 defines the Fundamental Human Rights of citizens in the state, and it also guarantees these natural and civil rights which includes: Right to equality, Right to employment, Right to personal liberty, Right to elect or choose their religion. 6.

What were the features of the French Constitution of 1791?

The main features of the French constitution of 1791 are:

  • The feudal system was abolished and limited the powers of the king.
  • The king came under the supervision of the government, and France became a constitutional monarchy.
  • The nobles and the clergy were stripped – off of their privileges.

What were the main features of French Constitution?

(i) Limit the power of the Monarch. (ii) Powers were separated to different institutions – the Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. (iii) Constitutional monarchy was introduced. (iv) Power to make laws to National Assembly.

What are the three features of the Constitution of France drafted in 1791?


  • It limited the power of the monarch.
  • Division of powers between legislative,executive and judiciary was made.
  • The third estate people also could hold positions in the assembly.
  • The division of different of people into states was no longer followed.
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What was the Constitution of 1971?

The new constitution took effect in 1971. The amendments approved by the General Assembly and ratified by the people reorganized the executive branch, banned poll taxes, provided for new kinds of local taxes and borrowing by city and county governments, and simplified the state income tax.

What were the main features of the Constitution of 1971 Class 9?


  • The king came under the supervision of the government and France became a Constitutional Monarchy.
  • Feudal System was Abolished.
  • The nobility and clergy were stripped off from their privileges.
  • Power to make laws was vested in the National Assembly.

What are the features of French Revolution?

French Revolution

  • Abolition of the Ancien Régime and creation of constitutional monarchy.
  • Proclamation of First French Republic in September 1792.
  • Reign of Terror and Execution of Louis XVI.
  • French Revolutionary Wars.
  • Establishment of the French Consulate in November 1799.

What were the main features of the Constitution of 1791 drafted by National Assembly?

The main feature of the constitution was to limit the power or the authority of the king. It should rather be given to the different institutions which are legislative, executive and judiciary. Only the active citizens who were men above 25 years and pays taxes had the right to vote.

What was unusual about the Constitution of 1971?

The 1971 constitution incorporated changes mandated by the Civil Rights movement, such as the federal Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act. These historic pieces of legislation invalidated many of the segregation and Jim Crow voting requirements present in the 1902 constitution.

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When was the 1971 Constitution written?

Twenty-sixth Amendment to the Constitution

Passed by Congress March 23, 1971, and ratified July 1, 1971, the 26th amendment granted the right to vote to American citizens aged eighteen or older.

What freedoms were said in 1971?

It guarantees a set of freedoms including: The “right to protect the private life of citizens”(Article 45), “Freedom of belief and the freedom of practising religious rights” (Article 46), “Freedom of expression” (Article 47), Freedom of Press and other publications (Article 48), Freedom of Artistic and literary …