Best answer: What is the plural of Gentil in French?

gentil (masculine and feminine plural gentils)

What is the difference between Gentil and Gentille?

To say “he is nice”, this translates to “Il est gentil” but to say “she is nice”, you would have to say “Elle est gentille”. A very slight nuance that is hard to explain. First of all an object can be sympathique but we don’t use it for animals.

What’s the meaning of Gentille?

1 often capitalized : a person of a non-Jewish nation or of non-Jewish faith especially : a Christian as distinguished from a Jew. 2 : heathen, pagan. 3 often capitalized : a non-Mormon. gentile.

What is the French adverb for Gentil?

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Masculine Adjective Translation Adverb
gentil kind gentiment
mauvais bad mal
meilleur better mieux
rapide fast vite (although rapidement also exists)

How do you use Gentil?


  1. (= prévenant) [geste, pensée, personne] kind. C’était très gentil de votre part. It was very kind of you. C’est très gentil à vous. It’s very kind of you.
  2. (= sage) [enfant] good.
  3. (= agréable) [voisins, endroit] nice.

What is the feminine plural of Gentil?

gentil (feminine singular gentille, masculine plural gentils, feminine plural gentilles)

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Is Vieux plural?

Usage notes. When placed before a singular noun beginning with a vowel or mute h, vieux becomes vieil: vieil homme /vjɛ. j‿ɔm/. In the plural, vieux does not change and liaison occurs instead: vieux hommes /vjø.

What’s the difference between Gentil and sympa?

Gentil is a wee bit more formal, as it tends to be used by older people rather than sympa. both words tend to mean the same, that is to say nothing and everything. Thanks very much for that. I hadn’t realised that “sympa” was also used for “cool” too.

What is the feminine of Blanc?

blanc m (feminine singular blanchi, masculine plural blancs, feminine plural blanches)

Is gentile capitalized?

When Gentile is a noun, it’s usually capitalized, and it’s most frequently used to contrast a Christian with a Jew. There are other religions that use the word gentile to describe a non-believer, including Mormonism and Hinduism.

Is Gentil a Scrabble word?

Yes, gentil is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Gentiled a word?

Gentile (/ˈdʒɛnˌtaɪl/) is a word that usually means “someone who is not a Jew”. Other groups that claim Israelite heritage sometimes use the term gentile to describe outsiders, notably Mormons. More rarely, the term is generally used as a synonym for heathen or pagan.

What is the plural form of Courageux?


masculin féminin
le plus courageux les plus courageux le moins courageux les moins courageux la plus courageuse les plus courageuses la moins courageuse les moins courageuses

Is souvent a adverb?

The adverb souvent (often) comes after the main, conjugated verb lis (read).

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Do adverbs have gender in French?

In French, many adverbs are formed by adding an ending to the masculine or feminine form of the related adjective. … Adverbs in French tend to have the same position in a sentence as they do in English. Many English adverbs are generally recognized by their “‐ly” ending.