Best answer: What is Fortune called in French?

What is the meaning of fortune in French?

fortune. More French words for fortune. la fortune noun. wealth, luck, estate, purse, mint. la chance noun.

How do you say fortune in different languages?

In other languages fortune

  1. Arabic: ثَرْوَة
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: fortuna.
  3. Chinese: 财富
  4. Croatian: bogatstvo.
  5. Czech: majlant spousta peněz.
  6. Danish: formue.
  7. Dutch: fortuin.
  8. European Spanish: fortuna.

What is champion called in French?

champion → défendre, préconiser, professer.

What is French for Horizon?

horizon; rive; sonnerie; cloche; bord; timbre; sonnette; clochette.

How do you say good luck in different languages?

How To Say ‘Good Luck’ In 10 Languages

  • Spanish: Buena suerte.
  • French: Bonne chance.
  • German: Viel Glück.
  • Italian: In bocca al lupo.
  • Portuguese: Boa sorte.
  • Norwegian: Lykke til.
  • Polish: Powodzenia.
  • Turkish: Bol şans!

How do you say success in other languages?

In other languages success

  1. American English: success /səkˈsɛs/
  2. Arabic: نـَجَاح
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: sucesso.
  4. Chinese: 成功
  5. Croatian: uspjeh.
  6. Czech: úspěch.
  7. Danish: succes.
  8. Dutch: succes.

Is Champion a French brand?

U.S. Champion (also stylized as Champion U.S.A.) is an American manufacturer of clothing, specializing in sportswear. The brand is a subsidiary of Hanesbrands (based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina), which was spun off by the Sara Lee Corporation in 2006.

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What is horizon explain with example?

The definition of horizon is the area where the earth and sky look as if they come together or how far your interests and knowledge stretch. An example of horizon is the area where the sky and earth appear to merge into one sea of blue. An example of horizon is a person who has never travelled outside of his own town.

What is the root word for horizon?

The word horizon derives from the Greek “ὁρίζων κύκλος” horizōn kyklos, “separating circle”, from the verb ὁρίζω horizō, “to divide”, “to separate”, and that from “ὅρος”, “boundary, landmark”.