Best answer: Is May rainy season in Paris?

HOW MUCH RAIN OR SUN? May is a great time explore Paris with about 14-16 days having sunny or at least partly sunny skies. Some rain is reported, on average, on 13 days, however, rainfalls of at least 1 mm (. 04 inches) occur only on 8-9 days.

Is it rainy in May in Paris?

In Paris, in May, during 13.7 rainfall days, 32mm (1.26″) of precipitation is typically accumulated. In Paris, during the entire year, the rain falls for 154.8 days and collects up to 390mm (15.35″) of precipitation.

Is May a good month to travel to Paris?

The best time to visit Paris is from June to August and September to October. … From June to August the weather in Paris is just about parfait (perfect). Average highs are in the high 70s and there are long days of sunshine. Unfortunately, summer is also the most crowded time – and the most expensive.

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What month does it rain the most in Paris?

May is the most wet month. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain. February is the driest month. August is the most sunny month.

What season is May in Paris?

Spring (March – May)

By May the weather warms up to a very pleasant 68°F (20°C) – perfect for spending the day exploring the city’s beautiful gardens and parks. You can read about our Top 5 Parks and Gardens on our blog here. Nights remain pretty cold throughout the season and don’t be surprised by light showers.

What is France weather like in May?

In May, the weather in France is generally mild however, you can still expect spring showers and cool evenings.

May Weather in France.

City Average High Temperature Average Low Temperature
Nice 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees celsius)

What should I wear in Paris in May?

What to Pack for Paris in The Spring

  • Paris in the Spring can be warm and beautiful but also cold and rainy. …
  • Dress in layers. …
  • Comfortable shoes are essential! …
  • Jeans are completely acceptable as long as you style them well. …
  • I like to pack a few blouses for layering with camisoles for colder days.

What is the cheapest month to travel to Paris?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Paris

Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be June and July. The cheapest month to fly to Paris is January.

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When should you not go to Paris?

With an average of 27 million visitors per year, Paris is the most visited city in the world. Although the city is bustling year-round, the summer (July–Aug) is the worst time to visit, since most Parisians flee the city while most tourists crowd into the city then.

What month is the best weather in Paris?

The best time to visit Paris is from April to June and October to early November when the weather is mild and enjoyable and the tourist crowds are smaller than in summer. The cheapest time to visit Paris is early December, January, and February. The very best month to visit Paris is June.

What month has the least precipitation in Paris?

The month with the least rain in Paris is March, with an average rainfall of 1.2 inches.

What is the rainy season in France?

North coast. On the northern coast of France, overlooking the English Channel, and up to a certain distance from the coast, the climate is generally cool and wet, rainy and windy all year round, but especially in autumn and winter.

When was the last time it snowed in Paris?

Snow in Paris has been rare in recent years, although February 2018 saw the city coated in a picturesque white covering – prompting locals to head out to the nearest hill (Buttes-Chaumont was popular) with their skis to make the most of it.

What to do in Paris if it rains?

10 things to do when it rains in Paris

  • Dodge the downpour underground. The Catacombs. …
  • Visit the department stores. …
  • Step inside some unusual museums. …
  • Drink down a “Chocolat Chaud” …
  • See what’s on at the cinema. …
  • Pass the time in some Parisian passageways. …
  • Shelter in a famous crypt. …
  • Warm up in a greenhouse.
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Does it rain all day in Paris?

Re: Is it raining all day, every day in Paris? Overall, it rains about 50% of the time in Paris, although recent years have been very dry for the most part, and this year has been particularly dry.

How often does it rain in Paris?

Weather Statistics (reported at Paris Le Bourget Airport, France)

Annual figures from Paris-Montsouris weather station
Indicator Paris
Average total precipitation 641 mm / 25.24 in.
Average total hours of precipitation 548 hours
Average number of days with rain over 0.1 mm / 0.004 in. 171 days