Best answer: How many did France lose in ww1?

What did France lose from ww1?

France’s economy after World War 1 was ruined. The loss of manpower for production and also the wreck of agricultural land bought an increased need for imports from the other countries. The state spent a huge amount of money to get medical care for the millions of wounded that had survived the war.

How much did France destroy in ww1?

French Losses

French Losses Totals
Farmland laid waste (sq. miles) 8,000
Houses destroyed 300,000
Factories destroyed 6,000
School destroyed 1,500

How many French soldiers died ww1?

The UK War Office in 1922 estimated French losses as 1,385,300 dead and missing, including 58,000 colonial soldiers. The U.S. War Department in 1924 estimated 1,357,800 killed and died. The names of the soldiers who died for France during World War I are listed on-line by the French government.

Who beat France ww1?

Germany’s failure to defeat the French and the British at the Marne also had important strategic implications. The Russians had mobilised more quickly than the Germans had anticipated and launched their first offensive within two weeks of the war’s outbreak.

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Why was France blamed for ww1?

The British were accused of supporting France and Russia because they feared Germany as a growing power and wanted to contain or cripple Germany. Raymond Poincaré and the French were blamed for encouraging Russia, for wanting to win back Alsace and Lorraine, and for wanting war while circumstances were right.

Did France lose ww2?

France and Britain declared war on Germany when Germany invaded Poland in September 1939. After the Phoney War from 1939 to 1940, within seven weeks, the Germans invaded and defeated France and forced the British off the continent. France formally surrendered to Germany.

What was the most destroyed city in ww1?

Perhaps surprisingly, though, the city that suffered the most war damage – in terms of the percentage of buildings destroyed – is the German city of Jülich.

How much damage did Germany do to France in ww1?

In 1916 a powerful German artillery attack on the French fortress positions surrounding Verdun lasted from February to June and resulted in 380,000 French casualties (162,000 dead) and 330,000 German casualties (143,000 dead).

When was France defeated in ww1?

21 August : France and United Kingdom are defeated at the Battle of Frontiers. The French Generals Dubail, Castelnau, Lanrezac and their armies retreat.

Why was August 22 1914 the worst day in French history?

On August 22, 1914, France launched 15 ill-fated assaults against German lines from France to Belgium, resulting in battles which, combined, cost 27,000 French lives and an unknown number of German deaths in a single day of fighting.

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Which World War 1 battle was the deadliest?

Battle of Verdun, (February 21–December 18, 1916), World War I engagement in which the French repulsed a major German offensive. It was one of the longest, bloodiest, and most-ferocious battles of the war; French casualties amounted to about 400,000, German ones to about 350,000. Some 300,000 were killed.

Who lost the most during ww1?

World War 1 casualties

Entente Powers Population (million) Total number of dead
Russia 164 2,311,000 to 2,754,369
Serbia 3.1 525,000
United States of America 98.8 117,000
Australia 4.5 61,966

Did Germany conquer France in WW1?

Though their advance was stopped at the First Battle of the Marne in September 1914, the Germans gained control of a portion of French territory which remained under German occupation behind the stabilized Western Front for much of the rest of the war.

Did France win ww2?

France was defeated in 1940 and as a nation it was officially allied to nazi Germany through Vichy régime.

What side was France on in ww2?

World War II the chief Allied powers were Great Britain, France (except during the German occupation, 1940–44), the Soviet Union (after its entry in June 1941), the United States (after its entry on December 8, 1941), and China.