Best answer: How do you say do you like the music in French?

Tu aimes bien cette musique ?

How do you say do you like to listen to music in French?

Member. J’aime / j’adore écouter (de la) musique.

How do you say listening to music in French?

listen to music {verb}

écouter de la musique {vb} [ex.]

How do you say I like a movie in French?

J’adore… j’adore ce film. Yes, I love that movie! Oui, j’adore ce film!

Do not say I love you in French?

The French don’t say, “I love you” because they don’t have a verb to express heartfelt sentiments for the people they care about. There is only the verb “, which means both “to like” and “to love”.

How do you use J Aime?

I would say :

  1. J’aime : I like something or I love someone.
  2. J’aime bien : I quite like , or I like ( someone) as opposed to romantic love.
  3. J’adore : I really love.

How do you express you like something in French?

When you use aimer beaucoup, it means ‘to like a lot’ / ‘to really like’. ATTENTION: If you wanted to say “I love you very much” in French, you would use a different expression: Je t’aime très fort.

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What is I like music in French?

In France, we rather say : “J’aime la musique”. But when it is passionate, you can also say : “J’adore la musique” or in a more familiar way : “Je kiffe la musique”. “Kiffer” in French is like “aimer”.

How do you say she likes listening to music in French?

Likes listening to music, socializing and praying. J’aime écouter de la musique, rencontrer des gens et prier. She enjoys listening to music and getting creative. Très créative, elle adore écouter de la musique et des films.

How do you say we like chocolate in French?

‘J’aime le chocolat’ but ‘Je mange du chocolat. ‘ to like = aimer, to want = vouloir, to have = avoir.

How do you say I like going to in French?

J’aime aller au théâtre. I like going to the theater.

How do you say I am watching a movie in French?

You would indeed say “Je regarde un film”.

What is I love watching movies in French?

j’aime regarder des films au cinéma.