Best answer: Do EU citizens need to register in France?

Any EU or EEA citizen moving to France must carry a valid passport or Identity Document (ID). EU citizens living in France do not have to register as a resident at the local Town Hall (Mairie).

Do you have to register in France?

French law requires that if you are staying in France for longer than six months (in any twelve months), then the vehicle must be formally registered in France and plated with a French registration number.

How can a EU citizen register in France?

EU nationals wishing to live in France must register at the town hall in the municipality where they are staying within 3 months of arriving in France. Concerned nationals may optionnaly apply for a residence permit ‘Citoyens UE/EEE/Suisse’ at the Préfecture of their place of residence in France.

Do EU citizens need a Carte de Sejour?

Since France is an EU country, there is no legal requirement to apply for a residence permit (carte de séjour); you can do so if you wish. It’s free of charge and valid for up to five years.

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How long can I stay in France as an EU citizen?

Citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican may stay in the European territory of France without a visa for longer than 90 days.

Can you move to France after Brexit?

Many wanted to move to France prior to the 30 December 2020 Brexit deadline, but the Covid-19 lockdowns conspired against them. … it is still perfectly possible to move to France in 2022. If you are a UK National you can stay in France more than 90 days at a time.

Can I keep an English car in France?

The rules were changed and now when you bring your car over to France from the UK you can keep your British plates only for the first six months. During that period you are not legally required to register it unless you are becoming a French resident. After six months you do need to re-register your car in France.

Can EU citizens work in France?

Citizens of a European Union or European Economic Area Member State or Switzerland can work in France without a work permit. … These residence permits are equivalent to a work permit. No additional steps are necessary.

Can EU citizen bring non-EU spouse to France?

The non-EU spouse or legal partner and family (dependent children, grandchildren, and parents) of an EU citizen have the same rights as any EU citizen in Europe. However, they will need a visa if they come from a country that has visa requirements for the EU.

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Can EU citizens retire in France?

EU citizens

If you’re an EU citizen in France, you qualify for retirement when you reach the retirement age set by your country of citizenship. As long as you have a Form S1, you receive health insurance and pay nothing into French social security.

What is difference between carte de séjour and titre de Sejour?

What’s the difference? While a Withdrawal Agreement (WA) residence permit and a carte de séjour describe the type of card we hold, a titre de séjour is any document that represents our legal right to reside in France.

What documents do I need for a carte de séjour in France?

Applying for Your Titre de Séjour: Documents Required

Proof you were living in France prior to 31/12/20 – this can include utility bills to your French address, proof of purchase of your property from a notaire, rental statements, telephone bills or French tax statements, including taxe foncières, or taxe d’habitation.

How long can I stay in France with a carte de séjour?

The Carte de Sejour is a French residence permit for people who come to stay in France up to a year, though some of its categories permit the visa holder to stay for three or four years.

How do I become a French resident after Brexit?

To obtain a carte de séjour, you need to apply through your local French prefecture within 8 weeks of arriving in France. If you are coming to France for no longer than one year, you will probably get a VLS-TS long-stay visa. This acts as a one-year non-renewable residence permit.

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How long can you live in France without residency?


You will be resident in France if you live in France for at least six months of the year. This rule does not require that you live in a permanent home you have in France, but that you are merely on French soil for six months of the year.

Does France allow dual citizenship?

French law permits dual nationality and does not require foreigners who obtain French nationality to give up their original one. … The same holds for descendants of foreigners born in France: they automatically become French when they come of age, but can choose at the same moment to maintain their original nationality.